The service objects of the Office of Student Affairs are students. The office is divided into six sections: living and Accommodation Counseling Section, Extracurricular Activities and Service Learning Center, Health Section, Student’s Development Counseling Section, Career Development Center and Campus Security Office. The duty of the Office of Student Affairs is to deal with students’ campus life, extracurricular activities, health care, mental counseling, campus security and crisis management, etc.; the biggest features of the office is to form a development team in all domains to serve students with initiative, caring, encouragement and cheerfulness. At the same time, we corporate with all units to actively carry out the three-in-one concept of teaching, counseling and training to gain the trust of students and parents.

Dean for Student Affairs

Educational background

  • Dean for Student Affairs


  • Comprehensive student affairs

Contact way

  • Extension:1160
  • Mail:shlo@mail.dyu.edu.tw


Associate Vice President for Office of Student Affairs

Educational background

  • Associate Vice President for Office of Student Affairs


  • To assist the dean of the office of student affairs overall work about students in campus


  • Extension:1165
  • Mail:bssh15@mail.dyu.edu.tw

Chang-Hung PA



  • I. Academic affairs schedule and contact
  • Second, the official document receiving and dispatching and destruction
  • 1. The official document distribution table is distributed daily.
  • 2. Annual reorganization of the entire group of documents to be destroyed
  • Third, the e-mail receiving and processing in the school office
  • 1. Daily distribution of colleagues, sir
  • 2. Question mail distribution and reply
  • Fourth, the budget of the Academic Affairs Department and the regulation of funds
  • 1. The plan for the reorganization of each group for each academic year
  • 2. Convene a coordination meeting
  • 3. Assist in the use of funds from each group
  • V. Academic Affairs Office "School Conference" and related meetings
  • 1. Relevant meeting dates and venue coordination matters
  • 2. Meeting issues and notice matters
  • 3. Data collection and arrangement of each group
  • 4. Meeting minutes and follow-up
  • 5. Follow-up of the tracking data of each meeting
  • 6. Reports on the work of the conferences
  • Sixth, the relevant meeting tracking data collection reply
  • VII. Application for the work expenses of the department and the group
  • 1. The monthly work fee allocation for this department and this group
  • 2. The monthly work fee review and application and control of this department and this group
  • Eight, the management of the school work system - including student and use.
  • 1. Trial of the work hours (series) business of the whole school.
  • 2. Report the working expenses of the whole school monthly.
  • 3. Handle the inspection of the work-reading business of the whole school.
  • 4. Worksheets (including life support scholarships) are reported.
  • 9. Application for hearing a weak life support.
  • 1. Plan the application process, quota and time schedule.
  • 2. Review and announce the adoption of the list and distribution to the service of each unit.
  • X. Personal data protection business
  • XI. In-group meetings and other tracking data collection and reply
  • 12. Provisional matters for the chief of staff and the leader of the team
  • XIII. Co-organize other related businesses and activities of this group
  • 1. Co-organized a new inspiration camp
  • 2. Co-organize the celebration and sports meeting
  • 3. Co-organizing graduation ceremony activities


  • Tel:1185
  • Mail:may6328@mail.dyu.edu.tw
  • Deputy:Ke Shuitong

Officer Ms. Zeng Meixing
Tel:04-8511888 | E-mail:sa2700@mail.dyu.edu.tw