Career consultation
You are at a loss about my future yet?? Is not enough to understand it on their own field of interest you have learned? To the outside world did not understand it work? 
If you have these worries, welcome to the Center to schedule an appointment Oh !! 

※ Career The consultation service is based on the principle of Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 17 pm daily. 
※ The consultation time is 50 minutes for each person, and the flexibility is adjusted according to the actual situation of the counseling progress. 
※ Career counselor is instructed by the full-time teacher who holds the GCDF Global Career Development Certificate. 
※ If you are unable to come to the consultation after making an appointment, please be sure to call the school extension 1241 for the first three days of consultation.
※ Reservation: Please make an appointment with Career Center.
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