Career information

  • Enterprise vendor information collection and acceptance inquiries.
  • Recruitment of information and collection inquiries.
  • Public examination information collection and acceptance of inquiries.
  • Skill verification information collection and acceptance inquiries.
  • Licensing exam information collection and acceptance inquiries.
  • All kinds of work and the network information to collect archives and receive inquiries.
  • Various network career information gathering and announcement.
  • The Borrowing and Purchasing of Books and Periodicals.

Career counseling

  • Assist students to establish student learning course files
  • To pursue career development activities
  • Work for volunteer work
  • For career management related research activities
  • For career counseling talks.
  • For career test
  • For career planning consultants related business
  • The promotion and management of the activities related to the campus.
  • Learning and training experience to promote and practice.
  • Promotion and management of business elite.
  • Career information FB facebook community website maintenance.
  • For professional license, national examination related lectures.
  • For business visits.
  • For career career and development series of lectures.
  • Recruitment resume training job related activities.
  • To promote the school workplace practice and experience related business.


  • Inside and outside the relevant documents processing.
  • Unit funds, property, purchase equipment and other management.
  • Assist in teaching excellence planning Career planning related business.
  • For the Ministry of Education training committee career related business.
  • For the Ministry of Education Youth Development Agency career related business.
  • Work for the employment of the Labor Service Bureau of the Commission.
  • For the school workplace entity and experience to promote the Committee.
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