Appointment consultation

Consultation reservation system 

To use the individual consultation and psychological test service, please go to the consultation appointment system online booking, the process is as follows: 

First, into the booking system of the way: 
1. Large leaves Home - Administrative units - Academic Affairs - Student Development Counseling Group Home - Consult Business reservation system 
2. big leaf home page - iCare system - campus life - consultation appointment system  

Second, the login system to select the appointment consultation period and fill in personal information. After the appointment is successful, the system informs students and mentors with e-mail. 

Third, in the appointment period to the student development counseling group (tourist dining building 2 floor - M203) for consultation or psychological test or talk. 

4. Provide appropriate assistance in accordance with individual needs, continuing to provide counseling and psychological testing services or referral to relevant units. 
       ※ Please make an appointment in advance for each consultation or psychological test. The appointment time is limited to one week. Please do not reserve a week later.  
          If there is a continuous interview with the students in the original time, the duration of the meeting will be given priority, please reserve another time. 

1. The first appointment consultative / psychological tests were , secondary school group will first arrange early to talk about staff conduct interviews take the case to your table and fill in the initial interviews, in the 
    after understand your needs and expectations, and then arrange for the Psychologist to interview. 
2. If you are not familiar with the above process, please call to ask or make an appointment. 
3. The school extension: 04-8511888 turn 1222/1224/1225/1227/1229/1232;

    Telephone consultation line: 04-8511141 

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