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Mentor class

What are the duties of class tutor and mentoring mentor?

Class tutor duties:

First, to guide students to class and class activities, and participate in the school of major rallies. Second, the transfer of student rights related information, promote the school regulations, supervision and guidance to comply with the implementation. Third, the number of basic labor service hours in the school. Fourth, attend the tutor work related to the meeting. 5. To assist in checking the correctness and completeness of the student information in the school information system. Sixth, the implementation of the Office of the Office of the business. 7. Other relevant matters.

Instructor Tutor:

First, to understand the personal physical and mental conditions and family environment and other matters, and counseling students appropriate development. Second, the introduction of guidance leave a single, reward and punishment recommendations table. When the director is given the above punishment, the parent or the person concerned should be given appropriate counseling. Third, to help guide students to solve the problem of learning. Guidance semester results do not reach the standard early warning standards, should be combined with parents or relevant personnel to give appropriate counseling. Fourth, responsible for assessing the results of the guide. 5, to participate in the guidance of the school, outside the life counseling. Tutor to help deal with friends, feelings of security and other related issues; obtain referrals to secondary students to develop, if necessary, lead the group to be counseling. Six, the guide to apply for school or drop out, should be understood and counseling. Seven, combined with industry teachers, graduating alumni and volunteers, counseling students to learn industry practice and career planning. 8, to industry practice-oriented, counseling students to study and employment, and to help investigate the employment situation of graduates. Nine, attend the tutor work related to the meeting.
How does the mentor allowance calculate?

Class tutor allowance:

  • It is up to the beginning of each school year.
  • 5 months per semester; 9 months for one year

Mentor tutor allowance:

  • It is up to the beginning of each school year.
  • 5 months per semester; 9 months for one year
Does the mentor mentor have a limit?
According to Article 3 of the Measures for the Tutor System of the University of the Grand University, the instructor of the day university department, the family management system, the mentoring students, the number of students per mentor, Principle ", so in order to enhance the quality of teachers and students to maintain the health of students, the Department of mentor mentor of the number of students should be 40 to the upper limit.
Excellent mentor assessment project and process?

Evaluation items:

  • Take the initiative to find students difficult problems and provide assistance with specific facts.
  • Guide students to participate in school lectures, arts activities, learning activities have specific performance.
  • Guide the class students to participate in social service work has specific performance.
  • There are specific facts about dealing with students' special and major events.
  • Others have innovative or positive measures for student counseling.
  • Students are highly motivated by the opinion of the tutor.

Selection process:

  • After the end of each school year, the school should be based on the selection of specific facts of the assessment project, recommended a good instructor one to two, approved by the Dean of the College, sent to the school student development counseling group.
  • Held a fine mentor selection committee, the selection of 10 excellent mentor.
  • At the beginning of the teacher to learn in recognition of excellent instructors, each person presented awards ceremony B, a number of awards.
How many sessions will the instructor attend the event and the instructor should attend?
  • According to Article 11 of the Measures for the Tutorial System of Daige University, the instructor should attend at least 2 times per semester. The content of the tutor shall be "to enhance the mentor's mentoring and skill, to strengthen the mentoring function, and to be a full-time teacher And at least one participant at the Academic Development Counseling Unit of the Faculty of Education. Each semester is organized by a mentor workshop or a mentor growth group.
How does the tutor query the guide?
Leader List: Instructor can log in to the Teacher Information System ( https://teacher.dyu.edu.tw/ ). Guidance Basic information: Instructors can log on to the iCare system ( http://icare.dyu.edu.tw/ ) for the "class mentor counseling education" and "mentoring mentor counseling education" course discussion version of the basic information.
How can teachers and students communicate with each other?
  • Individual, group counseling: counseling by faculty and students face to face.
  • Internet booking: Students can log in to the iCare system ( http://icare.dyu.edu.tw/ ) to reserve a tutor tutor.

Psychological counseling

What advice does the student offer?

Individual consultation

Counseling is a way to help students clarify their problems, understand themselves, provide information, and seek services that may improve the way through tutoring with tutors. When you have questions, whether it is in the study of distress, department selection, career planning, interpersonal relationships, emotional problems, self-understanding, emotional adjustment, physical health, family studies, crisis management and so on these issues, Discuss with the tutor, clarify the feelings, ideas, and find out the crux of the matter, so that you can make the best decisions for yourself and use the appropriate resources to improve the situation and seek a solution to the possible solution. The

Group consultation

Small groups are usually composed of a group of people with common needs, about eight to twelve people, once a week a fixed time party, a total of six to eight weeks, or intensive in the weekend two days. (Such as gender relations, self-exploration, interpersonal relationships ...), to share with each other, to support each other, to give feedback, to have a better understanding of the subject, and to learn better skills, because Human beings are social groups that, through group learning, can see themselves differently from others. In addition, through small groups of learning and sharing, you will find yourself not alone!

Psychological test

The Student Development Counseling Group has a variety of objective and reliable professional psychological tests, including: personality, career, interpersonal interaction, sexual orientation, creativity, mental health and life adaptation test, etc., these tests and general magazines in the psychological game test Not the same Oh! The use of professional psychoanalysis is to provide information to help us understand the status of the "now" quizzes. You can according to your needs, select the test category, directly to the student development counseling group to apply for the whole class can apply together, you can also apply for an individual Oh!

Class counseling

In order to implement the third level of mental health prevention work, and provide another choice for teachers to use time, Xueyou group provides life education, self-exploration, interpersonal relationship, love, mental health and health, learning and leadership, emotional management, stress and suicide prevention And so on eight topics of class tutoring courses, open student applications.

Mental Health Week

In each semester, the Student Development Counseling Group will plan a series of mental health weeks on different topics for the current needs of college students. The types of activities may include: subject-related scale testing, discussion, presentation, essay, exhibition, workshop, film appreciation, manual Publishing, competition activities, through a series of activities and participation, to provide students with mental health related knowledge and information to promote the school students' mental health.

Sexual lecture

Seminars are held for each gender issue in each semester. The topics cover gender, gender, transgender and so on. The lectures are presented in the form of speeches or film appreciation, and are expected to be taught through lectures to instill the most correct gender awareness among the students.
How does the student use the consultancy service provided by the student group?

Individual consultation

  • face to face: Before you consult, you can make an appointment by making an appointment.
  • b. telephone consultation (service line: 04-8511141, 04-8511888 * 1222 \ 1224 \ 1225 \ 1227 \ 1229 \ 1232)
  • c. e-mail consultation: sc2705@mail.dyu.edu.tw will have professional consultants to answer your questions.

Group consultation

The application for group consultation can be enrolled through the Student Support website, and the application form will be promoted and issued through the tutoring supervisors. Please register as soon as possible.

Psychological test

Psychological tests can be in accordance with the needs of individuals, select the test category, directly to the student development counseling group can apply, you can apply together the whole class, you can also apply for an individual Oh!

Class counseling

Class tutoring is organized in "class" for one hour and can be adjusted in case of special subject matter. Class counseling for the time please mentor or class with the class to discuss the exact date, and three weeks ago with the student group to discuss the details (extension 1221,1225).

Mental Health Week

Each semester is a series of activities for different topics, the location will be posted before the poster posters publicity, the parliament by the counselor of each class to inform. Activities of the project have pass through, heart test, interactive games, through the activities of students can get carefully prepared by the small gifts. Students can come together to participate, to experience different activities.

Sexual lecture

Sexual lecture is held every semester, time for the week time, place will be announced at the beginning of the semester. In principle, the object is designated to participate in the week of the students, other interested students can also go to participate.
What is the peer counseling business
According to the students' help pipeline and resource-related investigation, it is pointed out that college students are the first to be friends, classmates, and secondly, family members and teachers. Therefore, we hope that through the promotion of peer counseling business, we will strengthen school mental health work, early detection and intervention Psychological troubled students. The peer counseling business includes the establishment of a "counselor system" and the provision of "peer counseling sessions", as described below:

Counseling chief system

At the beginning of each semester, the university daytime instructor is required to send a counselor from the class as a bridge between the student group and the class. The duties of the counselor include: assisting in the promotion of student support activities; assisting tutors to contact class counseling; caring for class service classes; and receiving counseling for two semesters per semester. Counselor's benefits include: through the counselor's training courses to enhance self-understanding and psychological growth, and dinner and prizes; to assist the activities of student support group to encourage students to participate in school group activities, Gift of gifts, the introduction of the largest number of the top 20, will be recommended for the Mental Health Weekly priority coverage, and in the end of the mark to encourage.

Peer counseling lecture

During the semester, the student support group will hold a peer counseling session every month, including a variety of topics, including self-exploration, love, life education, mental health promotion, emotional management, stress adjustment, interpersonal relationships, learning strategies, And will be in different types, such as lectures, film appreciation, group activities, etc., hope to provide the growth of the students in the soul, and to enhance the concept of peer peer counseling, the relevant activities of the information can be learned from the beginning of the semester Web search.
Books, journals, audio-visual media borrowing way?
There are many physical and mental health related books, magazines and audio-visual media, for school staff and students to borrow. Borrow rules

Resource class

What is a resource classroom? Where is the resource class?
Resource classrooms are designed for school physical and mental disabilities students set up places for students with physical and mental disabilities to provide the resources and services by the Ministry of Education earmarked. The resource classroom is affiliated with the Student Development Counseling Group, located at the M302 (next to the Health Care Group) on the third floor of the Sightseeing Brigade Building. Contact telephone number is 04-8511888 turn 1223,1226 , 1228 , 1230,1231 , by hand for you.
How do I apply for a manual?
Physical and mental disabilities refers to the individual due to physical or psychological factors caused by their participation in the community and engaged in the function of production activities are limited or can not play, after identification in line with the level of the central health authorities and those who have physical and mental disabilities manual for the scope. If you meet the criteria for physical and mental disability, you can be identified by a professional physician based on the "physically and mentally handicapped" applications announced by the Department of Health. Please bring the applicant to the applicant's account list, identity card, seal and one-inch photo 3, to the residence area of ​​the community to apply for social classes, access to "physical and mental disabilities identification form" to the designated medical institutions for identification. After the completion of the appraisal, the hospital will send the identification form back to the health bureau, and then transferred to the applicant to the district office, the district contractor will be determined by the professional physician level classification of physical and mental disability manual, and notify the parties or their families to receive.
What kind of physical and mental disorders? Can I use resource classrooms?
Physical and mental disorders include a wide range of visual impairment, hearing impairment, physical disorders, sounds or language barriers, vital organ dysfunction, physical illness, learning disabilities, autism, mood disorders, cerebral palsy, multiple disorders and other disorders The Resources Classroom Student For students who have a "Handbook of Physical and Mental Disorders" or "Special Education Student Identification and Guidance Committee", you are welcome to your resource classrooms if you have any of the above certificates.
What services can the resource classrooms provide?

Life adaptation

  • For the new students will be held at the beginning of each school year, to assist students with knowledge of the interests of the school and where resources can be sought.
  • Student activities: 3 student activities per semester, presented in the form of meal or outdoor activities, and free of charge.
  • Assistance to the needs of physical education applications: accommodation special needs, school bus ride concessions, steam locomotive pass and so on.

Strengthen the course

  • To provide a companion application: hearing loss students can be based on the requirements of the classroom with the application, please help the media appropriate with the students, by the resources of the classroom to provide supplementary funding.
  • Supplementary tuition counseling funds: hearing the students or students after the application, the resource classroom assessment needs. After approval, please contact the instructor or assistant assistant.

other service

  • Provide all kinds of books, audio and video services.
  • Referral counseling, psychological tests and test interpretation.
  • Barrier-free environment maintenance, to mention the repair group repair.
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