Resource classrooms

Introduction to the organization

Daejeon University Resource Classroom was established in September, September, and is responsible for coordinating the counseling work of students with mental and physical disabilities. Eleven students from 88 resource classrooms have increased to 153 students. As the number of students and the number of obstacles gradually diversified, service content and the degree of detail and therefore continue to increase and make corrections. After five years of the program host and the relevant counselor's efforts, the current fixed each semester activities are: beginning (end) work will report, teacher and student activities and transfer session, and then according to the actual situation and demand for other related activities, Period to increase contact with the physical and mental health opportunities, to understand the needs of physical barrier students to help them adapt to campus life, the successful completion of university studies.

Location and contact information

  • Location: 3F, Sightseeing Brigade Building (M302)
  • Contact Person:
  • Mr. Su Yukai 04-8511888 extension 1228
    Mr. HSIAO,SHENG-CHI 04-8511888 Extension 1223
    Miss Liao, Ting-Chi 04-8511888 extension 1226
    Miss Lin, Yi-Hsien 04-8511888 extension 1231
    Miss Zheng, Pin-Yu 04-8511888 extension 1230


Data construction and tracking

At present, we have established a link with the students' data of the Consolidated Academic Office, and the future target will be able to integrate with the Academic Affairs Department to further understand the student's learning situation.

Help the body to adapt to life

To give students timely help and to help fight for the rights and interests of students with disabilities, such as campus pass for the fight to improve the convenience of students with disabilities and so on. In addition, in order to strengthen the concept of teachers' mentally and mentally handicapped counseling awareness, each semester is to contact the teachers of physical education, physical and mental retardation students physical and mental characteristics, can assist the teaching methods. On the other hand also strengthen the concept of teachers and mentally handicapped counseling awareness to establish the use of tutor workshop time to promote physical and mental disabilities students learning characteristics and can assist teaching methods and general differences in classmates, so that teachers can learn more physical and mental disabilities physical and mental characteristics to facilitate teaching This is the focus of future publicity.

Large leaf campus friendly environment promotion

Campus friendly environment to promote the University of large leaf from 88 years ago, in the school colleagues and resource classrooms served as counselors efforts to gradually results, the elevator also added to extend the switch, the campus environment, many new barrier.

Service objects and projects

The school students have a handicapped handbook and a person with special needs and a certificate issued by the Special Education Student Identification and Guidance Committee.

Assist students in service

Visual and auditory impairment students in the life, the need for assistance in the classroom, the resource classrooms can be accompanied by the application, the assessment by the resource counselor, please help or students to find their own suitable for candidates, by the resources of the classroom to help students Read salary.

School counseling

Students who are physically and mentally handicapped in the course of their studies are required to strengthen their academic counseling and apply to the resource classrooms. After the assessment of the resource counselor, coordinate the teacher or other teacher to assist the counseling. (In accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Education, each student weekly secondary school hours shall not be higher than 6 hours)

Transfer service

To help students with physical and mental health students to adapt to the new life, graduates of future career counseling and transfer services.

Book video borrowing

Resources Newspapers and magazines Subscribe to newspapers and magazines for physical and mental disabilities students to read (not open the general classmates in the resource classroom reading), and from time to time to buy the relevant books and audio-visual information to provide life-rich reading material.

For related activities

Resource classrooms from time to time for seminars, dinner, welcome new students and other activities to provide students with physical and mental barriers to space, and enhance their interpersonal interaction.

Provide relevant information and service assistance

The use of written information or e-mail to provide physical and psychological disabilities related to employment, social welfare information, and to assist scholarship applications, barrier-free space maintenance and other services.

Space configuration

  • Computer area: 6 personal computers, photocopiers 1, color laser printer 1 Taiwan.
  • Reading area: reading desk 1, lift table 1, bookcase 5, magazine placed cabinet 2.
  • Audiovisual area: TV, sofa coffee table, video recorder, portable audio group 1.
  • Discussion area: conference tables and chairs 4 groups.
  • Office area: office equipment and computer equipment.

Resource classroom usage rules

Resource classrooms are located on the 3rd floor of the Tourist and Catering Building, which is designed for the use of various types of equipment and materials for students with physical and mental disabilities.
  • Resource classroom computer equipment only for students to write reports and school-related information collection.
  • Resources of the classroom software to prohibit the copy or bring out; non-resource classroom software forbidden to use.
  • If you are using a resource classroom equipment, please inform the resource classroom instructor immediately for service.
  • Please keep the resources of the classroom environment clean and care for the shared resources.

Resource classroom opening hours

Monday to Friday 8: 00-12: 00,13: 00-17: 00 (during the summer and summer holidays, if necessary, open time)

Books and other equipment to borrow books

  • Open borrowing time: Monday to Friday 8: 00-12: 00,13: 00-17: 00
  • Resources classroom collection audio and video books for the school of physical and mental barriers to students with reference to use, in order to achieve the purpose of sharing books resources, open to the faculty and staff to borrow, but still students with physical and mental disabilities preferred to borrow objects.
  • Non-physical barrier students are borrowed way to borrow, do not open the resources classroom as a reading space.
  • Loan books, periodicals, audio and video discs, etc., are required to fill out the form, and mortgage documents.
  • Books can be borrowed 3 times each time can be borrowed for 3 weeks.
  • Audio and video discs can be borrowed 2 times each time can be borrowed for 2 weeks.
  • Such as overdue return for more than 3 days, the resource classrooms will be reminded by telephone, notice, overdue return of three times that is to cancel its borrowing rights, not to borrow resources classroom audio and video books.
  • If you want to renew, you need to be renewed without a customer. Renewed for one week and borrowed for 1 week.
  • Borrowed books, borrowers should be protected, if damaged, lost or arbitrarily painted, defaced, etc., according to its heavy responsibility for compensation. Books lost, according to the provisions of the same back to the same books or compensation on the list of costs.
  • (Such as books, periodicals, recordings), newspapers and articles, etc., without the handling of the borrowing procedures, to cancel their borrowing rights in the resource classrooms, and to pay warning or report to the school.
  • Where students retired, graduation, staff leave, hired, the borrowed books should be returned before leaving school full return.

Related rights and interests of the disabled

Equity projects Apply for restrictions Application method Processing unit
Tuition and fees Physical and mental disorders students On the date of registration manual Living group
Free steam locomotive pass Junior and above and the Department of physical and mental disabilities students During the announcement period on the system to fill the teaching safety test, handbook, student card and motor vehicle driver photo to the resource classroom application, unified by the resource classroom Environmental Management Group
Special trainer for steam locomotive Limb disorder (moderate to severe) During the announcement period on the system to fill the teaching safety test, handbook, student card and motor vehicle driver photo to the resource classroom application, unified by the resource classroom Environmental Management Group
Learn to study Not suitable for people who are engaged in service learning Please go to the extracurricular activities and service learning center application Extracurricular activities and service learning center
Military training courses Not knowledgeable In the beginning of the withdrawal of the previous handbook, student card to the resources of the classroom requirements, unified application by the resources of the classroom Military training room
School bus ride half price concessions Not knowledgeable Please show your physical and mental retardation manual when you get on the bus
Preferential application for school accommodation Physically and mentally handicapped In the second semester to the resource classroom demand, unified application by the resource classroom Living group
Special Education Award 1. Physical and mental retardation 2. The previous academic year up and down the average score of 70 or more In the notice time, to the resources of the classroom to apply, the required information is as follows: 1. Certificate of achievement (including the next semester) 2. Student card positive and negative shadow 3. Physical and mental retardation manual positive and negative shadow 4. Book cover shadow 5. private seal Resource classrooms
All kinds of learning aids apply Physically and mentally handicapped Please contact the resource classroom Resource classrooms
English Listening and Speaking Course Credits Hearing impaired At the beginning of the period plus the withdrawal of the previous handbook, student card to the resource classroom requirements, follow-up details please contact International Language Center, Study Group
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