Tutor business

The tuition group aims to design the mentor activities of different subjects each semester to provide the instructor with multi-direction learning to help the mentor's role play and self-improvement, and to promote the development of the students and related counselors Skills and mechanisms and other aspects of knowledge.

Tutor business:

  • For mentor workshops, mentor growth groups
  • Excellent mentor selection
  • Guidance records management of instructors and students

Psychological counseling

Psychological counseling is a process of interacting with a psychologist to help you clarify your problems, understand yourself, provide information, and seek services that may improve your approach. When you are faced with learning, department selection, career planning, interpersonal relationships, emotional problems, emotional adjustment, family relationships and other troubles, you can safely walk into the school group, where a group is willing to listen to your story psychologist , Along with you through life in every bottleneck and level. As long as you are willing, we look forward to sharing with you in life ~ ~ beautiful and sad. Most people are responsible for their own life, want to pursue a higher quality of life of the people, so as long as there are doubts or distress, looking for people to discuss or talk, you are welcome to apply for psychological counseling services The Services include:
  • Face-to-face interview: Before you can consult, you can make an appointment by making anappointment, making an appointment, making an e-mail appointment or making an appointment to the student group (M203, 2 /
  • Telephone consultation or appointment (service line: 04-8511141,04-8511888 * 1220 ~ 1229)
  • E-mail consultation or booking:
We sincerely invite you, in the face of confusion, do not need a person to withstand and groping, no need to doubt themselves, not to mind the idea of ​​others, you and your friends welcome you to learn together to explore their own, to understand themselves. Secret and warm room  

Psychological test

Have you ever asked yourself: who am i? What kind of ability do I have? What is my real interest? If you are still looking for answers, expect to have objective indicators to help you better understand yourself, welcome to the student development counseling group. There are a variety of objective, reliable and professional psychological tests , including personality, career, interpersonal, mental health and life adaptation test, and the general magazine to see the different psychological game Oh! You can choose the test category according to your needs and apply directly to the Student Development Counseling Group (Event Center, 2nd Floor, M203) or make an appointment online at the " Consultation Reservation System ". The school attendance group will arrange for the initial interviewer to meet with you to fill in the initial meeting table, after understanding your needs and expectations, arrange the psychological test to test and explain the time.

Mind card

The Student Development Counselor provides another tool to help you understand yourself - mind cards. This is through the card card operation process, to help you explore and discover yourself. You can apply for a card type according to your own needs and apply directly to the Student Development Counseling Group (M203, 2nd Floor, Activity Center) or make an appointment online at the " Consultation Reservation System ". The school attendance group will arrange for the first talk with you to meet and fill in the initial meeting table, after understanding your needs and expectations, arrange the mind card consultation or consultation time.
  • If you want to clarify your life direction or career planning , you can choose to do:
Career Plan Card (aware of their own occupational categories are interested in what) *    Career card (viewing their current career choice meets their core values) *    capability strengths card(let's see the ability to see possibilities)   
  • If you want to clarify your own love or intimate relationship , you can choose to do:
*    Love card (to clarify the personal relationship in love, the most attention to what is the demand)

Mental Health Week

In each semester, the school group will plan the activities of the various groups of mental health weeks for the needs of the current college students. The types of activities may include: subject-related scale testing, discussion, lectures, debates, exhibitions, workshops, Brochures, etc., through a series of activities to operate and participate in, to provide students with mental health related knowledge and information to promote the school students' mental health.       Xueyou Group sincerely invite you to participate in the well-planned series of mental health activities, each semester is not the same Oh! To listen to other people's point of view, think about their own views, maybe there will be unexpected gains and growth yo!


"Counselor" is a class cadre, playing a bridge between the school group and class, by the enthusiasm of others with care, and is willing to cooperate with the activities of students to promote the activities of students. The semester provides at least two counseling sessions per semester, hoping to help counselors develop the ability to help others and grow themselves, and become a pioneer in campus spiritual greening. This is the discussion and exchange space for counselors. Whether it is happy things, sad things, important or unimportant things, etc., can be in the above message or share with you. Xueyou group related activities and information will also PO in the face book. Please counsel the chief long use Oh! Please remember to join the heart of the world." Feel " , together with" praise "!

Growth group

The Student Development Counseling Group will run different groups / workshops for each subject, such as interpersonal relationships, intimate relationships, career explorations, test anxiety, stress response, etc., so that students with common learning needs or interests can learn to grow together. Small groups have at least one chance to meet each other with group leaders and group members (at least 6 to 12 members) at least six times a week. In the group, by leading the teacher to design the various activities and discussions, members share their experience, exchange experience with other members or discuss the process, experience a richer life, better understand their own problems and learn to do so, and In the process of supporting growth. As for the workshop, usually a thematic course, for half a day or one day, there are two consecutive days of the workshop.  

Class counseling


In order to implement the tertiary prevention work of mental health and provide another option for the use of tutor time, the Student Development Counseling Group provides a variety of topics for class counseling courses and open class applications.

Application method

  • Apply for "class".
  • Class counseling every one hour for the principle, if the special needs of the flexibility to adjust the.
  • Class counseling for the time, please mentor or counselor and the classmates to discuss the exact date, and before the deadline to apply.
  • Please contact the student development counseling group (extension 1220 ~ 1229).

Relaxation of the body and mind

  • The group set up relief room, providing light pressure relief instrument, brain wave detection analyzer, HRV heart rate + GSR leather dual-frequency feedback instrument group, three professional equipment with the mind to explain, to help students understand the degree of stress and practice relaxation method, And thus relieve stress. Welcome to call (04-8511141) booking experience! The

Books, magazines, audio-visual media borrowing

Xueyou group has many physical and mental health related books, magazines and audio-visual media, welcomed the school teachers and students come to this group to borrow and enjoy.  

Melancholy and suicide prevention zone

Emergency help pipeline

  • Emergency in the school
    1. Instructor on duty line (school line): 04-8511119
    2. Guard room line: 04-8511999
    3. Student Development Counseling Group: 04-8511141

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