Teacher business

Students Development Counseling Section will design activities of different themes to help teachers improve self-efficacy and enhance teachers’ ability to understand students development, interaction skills and counseling knowledge.
  • Lectures, workshops and growth groups held
  • Excellent teachers selection
  • Supervising counseling records

Psychological counseling

Psychological counseling is a process of interacting with a psychologist to help you clarify your problems, understand yourself, provide information, and seek services.

In face of learning, department selection, career planning, interpersonal relationships, emotional problems, emotional adjustment, family relationships and other problems, you can safely walk into the Students development counseling section. Here we are willing to listen to your stories, help you get through every difficult.

While accepting counseling, most are responsible for their own lives, wishing to pursue a higher quality of life. So, as long as there are doubts or distress or you are looking for people to discuss or talk, you are welcome to apply for psychological counseling services.

  • Face to face interview:Before you come for counseling, you can make a reservation by “Counseling reservation system”、telephone、email or come to M203 personally (Building of Tourism and Hospitality 2F).
  • Telephone consultation or appointment (Tel:04-8511141、04-8511888* 1222/1224/1225/1227/1229)
  • E-mail consultation or

Psychological test

Have you ever asked yourself: who am I? What kind of ability do I have? What is my real interest?

If you are still looking for your answers, and expect to have objective indicators to help you understand yourself better, welcome to Students Development Counseling Section. We have a variety of objective and reliable psychological tests, including tests for personality, career, interpersonal, mental health and life adaptation.

You can come to Students Development Counseling Section (M203) to submit your application or make an appointment online “Counseling reservation system”. We will have an interview to understand your expectation and arrange test time.

Mind card

Students Development Counseling Section provides another tool to help you understand yourself - mind cards. This process can help you explore and discover yourself. You can follow your own needs, selected cards, and go to Counseling Center to apply for an appointment or check the Conseling reservation system .We will arrange to meet with you for the initial meeting table; after understanding your needs and expectations, we will arrange psychic card consultation or consultation time.

Mental Health Week

In each semester, Students Development Counseling Section will arrange and design activities of the various kinds in mental health weeks for the needs of the current college students. The types of activities include: subject-related scale testing, discussion, lectures, debates, exhibitions, workshops, Brochures, etc. Through a series of activities we provide students with mental health related knowledge and information to promote mental health.

Students Development Counseling Section invites you to participate in the well-planned series of mental health activities, which are not the same for each semester. To listen to others’ points of view and think about your own views, maybe you will have be unexpected gains and growth.

Counseling chiefs

“Counseling chief" is a class cadre, playing a bridge between the school and class. Counseling chiefs usually have enthusiasm for others with care, and are willing to cooperate with the activities to promote peer’s mental health. Each semester we provide at least two counseling sessions, hoping to help counselors develop the abilities to help others and themselves.

Growth group

Students Development Counseling Section will run different groups / workshops for each subject, such as interpersonal relationships, intimate relationships, career explorations, test anxiety, stress response, etc., so that students with common learning needs or interests can learn to grow together.

Small groups have at least one chance to meet each other per week with group leaders and group members (at least 6 to 12 members). In the group, by leading the teacher to design the various activities and discussions, members share their experiences, exchange opinions with other members or discuss the process, so as to enrich their life and better understand their own problems. As for the workshop, it is usually a thematic course for half a day or one day; there are also workshop of two consecutive days.

Class counseling course


In order to implement the tertiary prevention work of mental health and provide another choice for the use of tutor time, Students Development Counseling Section provides a variety of topics for class counseling courses and welcome to apply for one per semester.

Application method

  • Apply for the course by class-basis.
  • Class counseling is basically an hour per course. The course could be adjusted according to your demands.
  • Tutor and class leader should make sure the date of Class Counseling Course and apply before deadline.
  • For more information, please contact the Students Development Counseling Section

Relaxing room

We provide a comfy environment and a variety of materials with professional guidance in order to evaluate and relief your stress. For more information please contact Counseling Center (04-8511141).

Books and magazines

We provide a variety of books and magazines related to physical and mental health; all teachers and students can lend.

Depression and suicide prevention

Emergency contact

  • Campus
    1. Military Training Instructor: 04-8511119
    2. Campus guard: 04-8511999
    3. Counseling Center:04-8511141

Resources of depression and suicide prevention

Prevention of Internet addiction

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