Educational background

  • Army Command Staff College of National Defense University
  • Graduate Institute of International Politics of National Chung Hsing University: master
  • Army: Platoon Commander, Company Commander, Battalion Commander, Section Chief
  • Taichung Municipal Taichung Industrial High School: military instructor
  • The Affiliated Taichung Agricultural Senior High School of National Chung Hsing University: Chief Instructor
  • Overseas Chinese University: Adjunct Lecturer
  • Liaison Office of the Ministry of Education of Taichung City: assistant general director
  • Ministry of Education of Hsinchu County and Liaison Office of Changhua County : Colonel military director
  • Associate Vice President for Office of Student Affairs


  • To assist the dean of the office of student affairs overall work about students in campus


  • Extension:1165 (office)

Chang-Hung PA

Military Instructor

  • military education planning
  • Improvement and arrangement of teaching opinions
  • Teaching plan report and instructor assessment
  • Military education related matters
  • Military education course schedule arrangement
  • Exemption of military education course
  • military education course supervisory planning
  • military education Teaching materials collection
  • supervisory of teaching materials and score online
  • Working study in summer vacation period
  • Preparation of Ministry of Education Business Visiting
  • Preparatory & Professional military officer test assignment
  • Annual military education execution plan
  • Army recruitment propaganda
  • Budgetary management
  • ROTC recruitment
  • responsible institution: department of Accounting information, Finance, Bussiness Administration, College of Management
  • Tel: 1265
Military instructor Hung, Chun-Yen
  • duty arrangement, related budget applying and duty room management
  • in charge of military education instructors meeting
  • write for a publication of military education press agency assignment
  • Ministry of Education central Taiwan second area resource center related assignment
  • administrative meeting related data summary
  • Campus Security Office integrated assignment
  • Campus Security Office internet page management
  • assist to promote the activities of the moral education
  • integrated assignment
  • count the numbers of class size and make the billboard
  • military instructor salary related assignment
  • an annual bonous applying
  • safekeep the files of salary maintance
  • National Health Insurance applying, exiting and checkout
  • military personnel mortages assignment
  • living allowances assignment
  • duty fee applying
  • military personnel insurance assignment
  • Retirement and pension fund assignment
  • responsible institution: department of English, European Languages, International Professionals in Cultural Creativity Industry, Applied Japanese Language, College of Foreign Languages
  • Tel: 1264
Military instructor Chao, Fu-Chien
  • Student Services and Dormitory Division Director
  • handling activities of freshman training
  • the problems of students' life assist and handling
  • office budget planning and executing
  • class cadres picked, trained and used
  • handling all the problems of dormitory
  • dormitory budget planning and executing
  • dormitory cadres picked, trained and used
  • house rental students visiting and information collecting
  • dormitory empty beds counting and controlling
  • education for disaster prevention of dormitory
  • house owner visiting, house rental dispute compromising, good house owners evaluation
  • responsible institution: department of Plastic Art, Industrial Design
  • Tel: 1180
Military instructor Lai, Chun-Ming

Campus Security Staff

  • individual case Consolidation weekly
  • official document control and distribution
  • counseling report assignment
  • annual official document destroying
  • count an report the number of students served
  • campus security human source related assignments
  • dormitory fire prevention training activities
  • house rental assist assignment
  • oversea Chinese students assist assignment
  • responsible institution: department of Food and Technology Applied Biology, Molecular Biotechnology, Biological Resources, College of Biotechnology and Bioresources, Overseas youth Vocational Training school
  • Tel: 1271
Campus Security Staff Chuang, Chu-Wen
  • traffic service servitors selection operation
  • traffic service servitors training
  • traffic service servitors duty planning, dispatching and reviewing
  • traffic service servitors budget examining
  • students traffic violation events handling
  • DYU Line event response person in charge
  • Personal data protection management
  • responsible institution: department of Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Fire protection & Safety Engineering Technology Program, Multimedia Digital Content, Papermaking Technology and Package Design, College of Institute Technology
  • Tel: 1269
Campus Security Staff Lin, Yan-Tung
  • student military service suspended draft, and suspended summon
  • oversea chinese students military service control assignment
  • Man of Conscription Age go abroad applying
  • military service counterweight assignment
  • alternative military service related affairs
  • responsible institution: department of Human Resource Public Relations, Information Management, International Business Administration, Health and Medicinal Plants
  • Tel: 1261
Campus Security Staff Chang, Che-Wei
  • campus security related affairs
  • campus security education propaganda
  • campus security emergency management meeting
  • campus security incident events assistance and handling
  • campus security incident events reporting, counting and analyzing
  • campus security facilities checking and improving assist
  • handling sorts of evaluation-related campus security
  • coordinate and associate with the police unit, fire control unit
  • campus security general assignment
  • support campus significant ceremony activities
  • anti-disaster and anti-disease planning, drilling and straining
  • responsible institution: department of Visual Communication Design, Architecture and Interior Design, Communication Arts, College of Design and Arts
  • Tel: 1263
Campus Security Staff Chou, Shuo-Meng
  • anti-drug abuse, anti-smoke assignment
  • Implementation of special case plans
  • Instructor of Chunhui Community
  • Instructor of Chunhui Community
  • traffic safety lecture planning
  • campus security human source related assignments
  • campus security human source related assignments
  • Tel: 1273
Campus Security Staff Liu, Yu-Ru
  • dormitory fire prevention training activities
  • Preparation and Application of Overseas Chinese Funds
  • Preparation and Application of Overseas Chinese Funds
  • oversea Chinese students assist assignment
  • Overseas Chinese Scholarship
  • Overseas Student Counselling
  • Tel: 1274
  • Position Agent: Zhuang Chuwen
Campus Security Staff Wu, Chia-Hsin
  • Promote and publicize the prevention of drug abuse among students
  • Tobacco hazard prevention and control promotion month (week) activities
  • Tobacco Hazard Prevention Campus Inspection Planning and Coordination
  • Served as the instructor of Chunhui Club
  • Chunhui team convened and case schedule control
  • Tobacco control and campus safety weekly meeting
  • Fraud case coordination and anti-fraud education advocacy
  • Notification and Coordination of Sexual Peace and Non-Sexual Peace Incidents
  • Counseling department: Department of Nursing, Department of Health, Department of Medical Materials (Engineering), Department of Faculty of Management
  • TEL:1262
  • Mail:
Campus Security Staff (to be employed)
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