Dean for Student Affairs:

As the time changes, the expected functions of the campus have been gradually diversified and comprehensive. In the past, the campus was mainly to strengthen the development of students in intellectual education. However, with the lower birth rate of modern family and the emphasis on education in society, a high-quality campus must have the function of providing holistic education. From the moment the students entering the campus and becoming a part of us, we will prepare and create an environment and opportunities for the students to develop adaptive education and improve professional abilities after graduating, so that the students can learn happily, work easily and care for society under the campus’s plan and assistance. The Department has established the following three sections and three centers: Living and Accommodation Counseling Section, Extracurricular Activities and Service Learning Center, Health Section, Student’s Development Counseling Section, Career Development Center and Campus Security Office. We will strengthen teachers’ counseling knowledge, provide a healthy campus system, and combine service learning to enhance students' social responsibility and care and assist parents to enter the university life of their children, so that parents can feel at ease and students from Dayeh University can become the first choice of every industry.

Da-Yeh University Office of Student Affairs


The service objects of the Office of Student Affairs are students. The office is divided into six sections: living and Accommodation Counseling Section, Extracurricular Activities and Service Learning Center, Health Section, Student’s Development Counseling Section, Career Development Center and Campus Security Office. The duty of the Office of Student Affairs is to deal with students’ campus life, extracurricular activities, health care, mental counseling, campus security and crisis management, etc.; the biggest features of the office is to form a development team in all domains to serve students with initiative, caring, encouragement and cheerfulness. At the same time, we corporate with all units to actively carry out the three-in-one concept of teaching, counseling and training to gain the trust of students and parents.

structural chart

Student Services and Dormitory Division


The Life and Accommodation Counseling Group's work is based on all life and accommodation needs outside the student's coursework. The main tasks in life counseling include student military service, schooling loans, preferential treatment for scholarship, scholarships, student work, and overseas student counseling. Freshmen training, student weekly meetings, student conduct, student rewards and punishments, campus safety, traffic safety, democratic spirit and rule of law education, and anti-tobacco activities of Chunhui project.

The accommodation counseling section includes all the services of on-campus and off-campus accommodation, including: accommodation, accommodation, room exchange application, bed allocation, student dormitory management and counseling, off-campus landlord symposium, rental information fair, off-campus rental liaison and counseling, Leasing contract dispute counseling, etc. The assistance and counseling of students' food, clothing, housing, and daily life related needs are the key tasks of this group, and they are the most outposts for students to consult all doubts outside the course.

Extracurricular Activities Division


The Extracurricular Activities and Service Learning Center actively encourages students to actively participate in community activities to provide more meaningful life experiences, develop students' multi-faceted learning and interest, and develop good interpersonal relationships and cooperation skills.

According to the nature, the associations are divided into six categories: service, learning, recreation, networking, sports, and autonomy. The current establishment of the group includes a total of four concurrently heads. In addition to the related business of the association, it also includes training and auxiliary funds, class meetings, youth self-improvement activities, student complaints, the Fei Tuofu Honor Society, group travel insurance, and other related businesses.


Health Center

Tel: 1210,1211,1212

Three members of the health care team are currently located on the third floor of the activity center (M301). Ten functions of the health care group: including disease recuperation, observation, demonstration, prevention, correction, counseling, research, counseling, first aid, freshman health check, etc., there are also first-aid kits, crutches, medical supplies or book lending and other lending services.

Counseling Center

Tel: 1220,1221,1222,1223,1224,1225

The Student Development Counseling Team was the original Student Counseling Center. It was officially renamed in August of 1987, referred to as the Academic Assistant Group. Today, there is one team leader, one administrative staff, six full-time counselors, five resource classroom specialists, and several tutors inside and outside the school.

The school's business includes individual consultation, group consultation, psychological test, mental health week, peer counseling, book video tape borrowing, tutor workshop, counseling and knowledge study, sexual harassment violation committee window, counseling students with physical and mental disabilities, etc. Counseling work.

Career Center

Tel: 1240, 1241, 1245, 1246, 1247

In order to achieve the goal of "reading big leaves, good employment, and being good", we will cultivate students to develop their careers. The school develops workplace internship and experience certification, and sets a 100-hour graduation threshold to help students graduate and work.

Career Development Center business includes stagnation consulting services, career counseling, career interviews, resume autobiography job interview training, campus recruitment and career training camp, seniors employment experience sharing, corporate visits and overseas cultural exchange groups Wait for a lot of workplace experience activities.

Campus Security Office

Tel: 1260, 1261, 1262, 1264, 1265, 1269, 1271

The purpose of the school security center is to integrate disaster prevention, disaster relief and school security incident prevention units and administrative resources to establish a campus disaster management mechanism to prevent disasters, emergency response and rapid recovery, and implement disaster reduction, conditioning, response and recovery. In order to strengthen the school's disaster prevention facilities and related knowledge, the project will effectively maintain campus tranquility and safety, and minimize campus disaster losses.

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