Club i-Care


The school community according to its nature is divided into services, learning, recreation, friendship, sports, autonomy and other six categories of community. The extracurricular activities group also actively encourages students to participate in community activities to provide more meaningful life experiences, cultivate students' learning and interest in many ways, and develop good interpersonal and cooperative skills.


Dragon crowd service agency

1. Combination of the central and southern regions and the community of caring people in the combination, and in the service of society, emergency relief, spiritual purification counseling, for the benefit of social groups, correct moral thinking groups. 2. to the spirit of compassion and joy as a starting point, counseling, and guide students in school can lead by example and then push people, contribute to the crowd. Link: % A4% BE-164818273597632 /? Hc_ref = NEWSFEED

Zonta Service

The Society aims to promote the purification of the people and to carry out the work of patriotism and loyalty, to urge the father, to respect the teachers, to trust the friends, and to the folks and other social and cultural work, with its positive social atmosphere, to create a peaceful society "for the purpose The Link:

Tzu Chi Youth Club "Cixi"

Friends of the camp in the campus is not only like-minded friends, but also with family-like intimate feelings, follow the steps of the Master, for the four career, eight footprints work together. Tzu Chi Youth Association Brief introduction Tzu Chi youth, referred to as Cixing, refers to a group of colleges and universities engaged in volunteer young people. Tzu Chi junior college due to the SS on the strict master of compassionate love of the spirit of love, the establishment of the Tzu Chi Junior Association. Tzu Chi four camps, charity, medical, education, culture, four camps, plus international disaster relief, physical donation, environmental protection, community volunteers can be described as "step by step". Young people adhere to the blue sky and white clouds of the Declaration Tzu Chi Junior Youth Association, is a total from all over the world composed of college students, we have a common concept and life goals, adhere to the crowd, pay themselves, become a campus Stock clean, to create the hope of the future of society. Bodhisattva. mention. Species. We have insisted on using spare time to do meaningful things, we understand the value of life from the non-demand to pay, we have found the direction of life, invites you to create a new century young people together. Link:

Chunhui Society

The aim of the establishment of the Chunhui Society is to promote the prevention of "AIDS" and " Betel nut ", so that students understand the abuse of drugs will affect the personal health is the future, hurt personal dignity, loss of freedom, and for criminal acts, to be legally responsible and alert. Thus refusing to lure drugs to maintain student health. Publicity to love care as the starting point makes the activities of the heart of the people. Link:

Big leaves play great

Big leaves play great shetou Play is a young, energetic and confident, Vision continues to spread, with their own way to challenge the world, to create life infinite wonderful.With the challenge of attitude, Subversion of established rules, constant self-challenge and innovation of the community! We help Changhua County community headship projects are: school counseling, social tour, children birthday party, end Thanksgiving tea party, talent show, tail, Mid-Autumn evening party, Mission Kang game. Looking forward to the big leaves of the students can join us, lead the village children together to show life. Link:

Feiyu Floating Group

The feathers of the feathers were set up on November 1, 1997, in a group of enthusiastic students. Set up the purpose of training and practice the scout of the service, integrity, responsibility, wisdom, benevolence, brave spirit, to comply with all the rules of Scout. After the establishment of the Luo Fuqun after the Chinese Boy Scout Changhua County seventy-first group, by the principal of the school as a chairman, after the rise and fall, in 87 years of the school community won the second prize of the service community. Since the establishment of Luofu Qiao, has served the province's 14th large camp camp Qingshui rock camp, anti-drug small infantry growth camp ... and so on, and activities within the group in addition to the basic rally, team rally and the skills of professors, such as : Knot, dressing, azimuth measurement ... and so on, there are all kinds of camping activities, nurturing services, all levels of promotion test, social tour ... and so on. This group is actively planning the business, and participate in other Roland Friends of the friendship activities, such as: Central Roland Association of Roland Games, joint welcome ... and so on. All the group members of the group vowed to comply with the words of the Scout, the law, inscription, to meet the activities of the concept of scout, to play the goal of life for the service. Link:

Young Youth Youth Corps

We believe that the best classroom is out the window, With the perfect planning and preparation after the departure to the unfamiliar environment to understand another country's lifestyle and cultural style, But also through their own pay for the soul of the satisfaction, for their own writing different from the previous story, which is the most sincere expectations of the young youth youth academy. At present the main purpose of the community: 1. To establish a high-quality service information platform, so that young people learn from the service, and then grow. 2. Participation in various domestic and international public welfare activities. 3. Set all forces, so that the heat of service filled with every corner of society. Link:

Animal protection society

The community to protect animals to launch, and to promote the use of recognition instead of purchasing ideas, Interested parties are welcome to join us. Link:

Sunshine Angel Society

Welcome to the sunshine angel community, we have always kept the sunshine smile and surging enthusiasm, serving all the big and small need our place. The courage to innovate, not afraid of difficulties is our slogan, now the times change, we will follow the change, but still will keep our sunshine angel community in mind, has been hard to move forward, modern society is waiting for us to save, together And let's go! Link:

Traffic Services

This association is mainly to help maintain the order of the school traffic and promote the correct traffic safety habits, and to stimulate the community sacrifice the spirit of dedication to achieve my values ​​for everyone. Link:

Health Promotion Agency

Design health promotion related activities, improve health knowledge through activities and establish a healthy lifestyle, learn how to interact with people in the activities to stimulate creativity. Link:

Daye University second - hand home appliances maintenance unit

In order to actively cooperate with the volunteer service to promote and implement environmental protection, so that second-hand furniture and home appliances to restart life, the continuation of its function, so that vulnerable students and the more difficult families do not have to spend high costs to meet their needs, expand the nature of volunteer service, in addition And let the students have a skill to stimulate the campus students to stimulate the participation of volunteers.

Da Ye University internship travel agency

Daoye University internship travel agency was established in 2014, to assist students to understand the tourism practice, and to understand the relevant operations, has been able to promote students with professional practice. Link:

Big leaf sparks club

The community to love the love, love the country and contribute to the local community for the purpose. Association will be the way to promote the activities of various types of student associations, the pursuit of people can not be long and far from the spirit of Hongyi, never stop and explore.

Great English English Volunteer Group

The association combined with English is good, and enthusiastic school and international affairs of the students, to inspire enthusiasm, ability, together with activities, Enhance students' English ability, enhance creative thinking and develop international horizons. Link:

Leaves Leo club

This Council for a non-profit purpose of the community service groups, to promote social youth training leadership, service experience opportunities, participate in community service work and friendship to understand each other to unite members for the purpose.

Book service team

In the spirit of "life for the purpose of life" and "positive" "participation" and "learning" attitude, in-depth Changhua county community and school library, to help build the basic functions of the library to enhance the quality of library services, The spirit of service, and enhance the practice of caring and caring for the culture of care. Link:

Baking service team

The community is composed of a group of hobbies and bakes, and by baking out the interest, and in the baking process, the baking techniques of their own into the primary and secondary school services, in addition to enhance self-skills, but also Will be used for social services. Link:

Language language sign language community

The purpose of this association is to promote the sign language, to enhance students' interest in the language of the sign language, to lead everyone to understand the language of the hearing impaired and deaf friends, and then communicate with the physically and mentally handicapped groups with sign language and distance conversation. Its purpose is also to enhance the hearing, language barriers and the general public communication bridge.


Cloth bag research institute

The community is a group of people who love the puppet crowd, in addition to providing a common forum, and regularly play the latest film, but also interact with the club to learn more information and annual cooperation with the fan club puppet show, puppet show Activities; and held a tiger tail field tour, so that people who love the bag can be more in-depth understanding of the film bag film shooting process, but also allows everyone from the film commentator on the story of the question to get a satisfactory answer to deepen everyone on the bag To understanding. Link:

E - sports club

In recent years, Taiwan's e-sports industry developed, in addition to the establishment of electric racing group of electronic events, it is clear that e-sports has become a new sport. The agency uphold the promotion of gaming activities, so that the students of the University of Leya more understanding of the sport, and explore the cultivation of more outstanding talent. Link:

Image studio "photography agency"

The purpose of the creation is to hope that by photography friends, driving photography, and photography is not just just capture the image, but with the idea of ​​the photographer, and the spirit of the photographer to watch my living environment, and let us Of the works to inspire everyone to attach importance to our land. Learning goals: so that everyone has the development of space, so that works can bring their own feelings, show yourself. Course: the last semester to the main photography, and the next semester to the main image processing, we have their own darkroom, for those who intend to do darkroom processing, such as washing the students do not need to spend a lot of money on the equipment, will add some Digital image processing courses such as: photoshop and other courses to make the program richer. Activities: each semester in addition to the basic beginning and end of the General Assembly, there are (to send the old assembly) and (welcome new conference), there are occasional outside the film, such as the nearby bank, near Miaoli, Nantou water with the most Far Ilan. Life should be wasted in good things, beautiful things to share with each other. So photography should be shared with everyone. Link:

Motor vehicle study society

To provide students with the correct knowledge of riding a locomotive and knowledge, Jufan common sense, power principle, sports state ... and so on, and then let the students ride safe, enjoy the real locomotive driving, and enjoy their own maintenance of vehicle pleasure, and positive Advise the goal of safe driving. Everyone in the spare time together to discuss the issue of locomotives, and learn a lot of vehicle knowledge, mutual understanding, feelings, centripetal force and thus increased. Every weekend holiday, the community often travel, road running, on the one hand running mountain road practice the right riding skills, can also put aside the heavy school to the mountains, the suburbs scattered. Routine courses, maintenance practice, but also to increase the members of the more in-depth mechanical knowledge. And the community training car, it is in a safe place, with the body under the safety guard, learning emergency situation when the correct strain action, other activities are depot tour, campus auto show, his school road together. Friendship friends ... and so on. If you are with us, have the same frenzy of the locomotive, driving your love horse in accordance with the traffic rules, uphold the concept of safe driving, join us, ride together on the open road ... wanton to enjoy the car pleasure. Link:

Monday movie club

To open up the students world view of the film, to understand the diversity of contemporary art, understanding of national culture and all kinds of issues. Link: -418743914958884 / timeline /

Performing Arts Learning Society

Hongcheng opera in 2002.6.13, has been two years old, by the glass troupe art director and school to teach performing arts course - Huang Yingchun teacher for the theater teacher. So far a series of experimental sketches continue to show, narrowed the distance between the theater and teachers and students, the theater has become an important theater in the school; also with the domestic performing arts groups (Cloud Gate Dance, comrades Walshe, Cup troupe, etc.) Keep in touch; provide a lot of information and actor training courses to the school theater members. Link:

Easy to learn

First, the purpose: to learn as the basis, to explore the changes in the nature of all things in order to achieve the concept of harmony between man and nature, the poor after the use of things can also be used to avoid evil. Second, the teacher lineup: Hou Xuejuan teacher - the current general manager of the University of large lords, general knowledge teachers and easy to learn from the management of the teacher, Huang Hongwen teacher - the current staff of the tiger's technical college teacher, community forest community college class teacher, Society and other instructors Third, the learning project: the Book of Changes, hand, face, purple micro-bucket number, character, divination and odd door escape a ... Fourth, the results and characteristics: access to academic community assessment of the top three and Other awards. The biggest difference with other societies is that there are two instructors and we are not only working with the students of the community college community, but also with other groups to communicate with each other, to explore the study but also actively academic and rational efforts. Really, after joining the community, not only can make their own growth, but also can enhance interpersonal relationships, but also from a different point of view to see things. In short, the benefits are countless. And is lifelong learning. So, to grasp this rare opportunity to be fast, fast to join us! Link:

Tasting school

To learn the knowledge of bartending wine, to explore the purpose of bartending skills to enhance the appreciation of members of the aesthetic and taste, while training to apply their knowledge, Cultivate talents. Link:

Cycling community

1. The combination of leisure and exercise, so that physical and mental health. 2. Blood, brave, hard work, no matter how far away, starting it! 3. Bicycle instead of steam locomotive, environmental protection everyone together. Link:

Magic Balloon Club

Magic art, referred to as [magic] Da Ye University Magic Balloon Club, Provide a discussion of the environment, Each other can share the experience, Emphasizing magic is a show, And promote the magic, enjoy and enjoy the magic brought incredible. Balloon, is the party performance essential skills, Society also provides modeling balloon learning, Combined with magic and balloons, so called Magic Balloon Club. Link: Da Ye University Magic Balloon Club / 196484297056074? Fref = ts

Chinese medicine research institute

The purpose of this association is to learn the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, the development of Chinese medicine products, promote the application of traditional Chinese medicine.

Coffee club

The association promotes the development of coffee culture, and it is interesting to learn about the knowledge of coffee by studying the type of coffee and so on, and can learn from others in areas of interest. At the same time can learn the expertise of coffee can also expand interpersonal relationships. Link:

Big leaf broadcast society

The community to develop members with the ability to broadcast, voice, interview and talk skills, With the voice of our community to convey different messages.

Applied Chemistry

This association promotes students' enthusiasm for everyday application chemistry. It is expected to be able to learn from the society and increase the students' relevant applications in the field of chemistry.

Japanese Culture Research Institute

The purpose of this association is to hope that students can learn Japanese culture through Japanese culture research institute, experience new Japanese culture, study Japanese culture Link:

Financial investment agency

It is a good place for students to study the financial investment, and to exchange information on investment and promote the participation of financial education and research.

Leader Society

Leaders are committed to all-round, big pattern, international outlook, globalization ... the development of leadership qualities. To give the future young people have political wisdom, leadership and other ability, humanitarian care of the spirit of religious compassion, and open macro vision. Especially the leader of the Zen course, so that each member has the ability to win the leader of the king, the potential development, as the future of the seed leader in various fields. Link:


Original soundtrack

The community to gather the aboriginal youth of the school, and jointly promote the indigenous culture as its mission, to enhance the friendship between each other, and cultivate a dedicated service will feed the tribe. Link:

Popular music club "hot music society"

The big song is a quiet society, the purpose of the establishment is to hope that all love music, love music, especially the band has a strong interest or want to group of people, to be together. There are also musical instruments in the community, including electric guitar, bass, jazz drums, and keyboard instruments, etc., as long as the community can enjoy free musical instrument teaching, saving the time and tuition fees to the music classes. In addition, each semester will be held in the relevant lectures available to the music are interested in the whole school teachers and students. In the group performance, the community will learn to help the sister of the school brothers and sisters, from the side guidance. In the semester, every two weeks will have a small presentation of the orchestra, and the music festival of May each year is an important tradition, so that members can play outside the band, but also to observe the band outside the school. More importantly, in this community, not just group, singing, playing music only. Big leaf thermophon society stressed the cooperation between the team. Because in any activity, the most important thing is the activities of the staff. In the preparation of the activities, handling equipment, set up the stage, all need a lot of manpower, so in the heat of the community, will shoulder the responsibility of the staff. Finally, the old saying goes: "The children who learn music will not get worse." Link:

Maple Leaf guitar

Maple Leaf guitar society has entered the twelfth, in addition to the continuation of fine traditions, the more constantly accumulated many of the predecessors of the crystallization and more robust. In addition to the previous guitar teaching and activities published, pay more attention to the exchange between members and members, and even through the competition between families, to achieve mutual understanding between members and the community to further strengthen the centripetal force. We divided the guitar into a classical guitar and folk guitar, every week of the fixed teaching, by the piano strong top of the seniors (sisters) as teaching seniors, also invited well-known teachers to explain the higher-level skills; Publicity activities and even large-scale activities, so that students each have the opportunity to perform on stage, and then achieve the effect of learning to use. The annual concert, the guitar week, the sports class competition, the small concert ... and so on, so that we understand the guitar to the guitar Society is not just playing guitar, there are a lot of activities to wait for participation. Many people say that college life is colorful, this part of the community is the participation of the vast majority of hope guitar community not only in teaching, activities can be more progress, and more efforts to cultivate talent development! Link:

Tube club

"Big leaf dynamic tube club" originally started by a few hobby music combination, after the previous president to lead and community teacher's advice. Plus the students in the big leaf campus favorite music notes criticism of the students. Has now become the campus of the enviable community of the ㄧ! Often in the school will always see the sound of the club music club performances, the audience is a burst of cheerful thunder. Especially new students are often attracted to this beautiful thing, can not wait to join, that is because of this, there are more music-loving musicians! Do music together, play music. Every time when the group is looking forward to the various parts of the chorus, cadence just right! Just like Bai Juyi Pipa line wrote: noisy noisy cut wrong muzzle, big beads beads drop jade plate! Link:

Rainbow cohort

Mission Mission: "Creating a multi-gender friendly campus, cultivating members of gender friendly awareness and promoting and promoting pluralistic gender equality and respect for the spirit." Community Introduction: We are concerned about comrades human rights issues, but also concerned about other social issues, welcome like-minded friends, "similarities and differences, similarities and differences." In the school, we are concerned about comrades, Link:

Style chess society

Enhance the interest of large leaf students chess, chess and other chess. Link:

Street Art Research Institute

Street Art Research Institute (DYGC) -Da-Yeh Graffiti Corner
     DY is the name of the school, the University of the University, and Graffiti Corner is the past graffiti bustling era, graffiti people gathered to discuss and discuss the techniques, images, ideas ... and so on, as we are big leaf street in general, hope to The name can make big leaves street art to reproduce the current era of hip-hop culture, and look forward to let everyone bloom their different gestures.
    Graffiti (Graffiti) for the founder of the community began to contact the beginning of these cultures, in fact, in the first half of the city began to organize their own graffiti small classroom with some members, as early Graffiti Corner scene, and this name also expected Can be hip-hop culture and the elements associated with this joined the community, so now the street has set up a team of graffiti and rap group, the future also hope to develop such as DJ, running cool, rhythm and other elements.
     In addition to the annual winter and summer vacation, street art community also on behalf of the school to Sichuan Lugu Lake to participate in international volunteer activities, in addition to the skills learned by the community to apply, but also in the community to help the community to help the community, as the most beginning Hip-hop culture sounds for the weak, and let the people around know. We are big leaves street art DYGC, welcome to join us ranks.

DN Dance Club

"Dance Nutter" abbreviation, which means "hip-hop fanatics". DN Dance Club was first created by a group of dancers who love dance. At that time the dance is the girls of the jazz dance, the majority of members also to girls. Until the third time, the dance gradually turned into today's hip-hop. At that time the members of the so-called hip-hop do not understand, they held a hip-hop study camp, and invited the prestigious dance group "POPCORN" to guide. From then on DN dancing club was officially become hip-hop dance dance is now the main dance group. DN Dance Club has been the sixth, more diversified dance. In addition to the previous jazz, girls-based dance style has New Jazz, Girl Hip-Hop. There are other Hip-Hop, locking [lock dance], Popping [mechanical dance], Underground and so on. The number of members is also increasing. The usual practice is led by the elders to lead the basic rhythm outside, the course will also teach the row dance, so that members of the practice; will also invite the dance group members to teach. Each year will be held regularly Party and the results show, so that members have the opportunity to show the results of the practice and outside the dance dance, to participate in competition and hip-hop culture-related activities, and the campus for the show. The future hope in addition to hip-hop, but also to develop more and hip-hop-related elements, such as graffiti and DJ and so on. Link:

Animation department

Animation is ACG (Anime, Comic, Game) related to the exchange of research-related groups, activities in groups of operations: 1. Animation: directly under the management of cadres, responsible for the animation department's most important screening activities. Major events such as animation festival, late party and so on. 2. Painting group: comics, animation, illustrations of the relevant teaching creative group, also engaged in fiction writing group members, painting-related teaching creation, and the interaction between members of the creation. 3. Gaming group: the main game exchange, held the relevant exchange. 4. TRPG group: TRPG group known as "run", TRPG is a number of participants around a table, paper, pencil, dice and so on as a props, dialogue type of a role-playing game. TRPG group will run from time to time. Animation of the group are a team leader responsible for the management, the principle of autonomy in principle based. As long as the animation department members can participate in the activities of the group. In addition, the animation department of the daily activities of the relevant animation, special radiographs show, there are often PS2 and other game consoles, as well as animation and other commercial rental. Link:

PASO Dance Club

International standard dance, not only is a noble social skills, it is an art. Recently, these years, the domestic set off a wave of national standards dance. The kind of full of confidence and vitality of the body performance, burning a lot of people for the national standard dance enthusiasm! Big leaves of the moon on the national standard agency, is the old foliage of the community, but we in addition to maintaining a good tradition, but also pay attention to excellence, and constantly innovation. Through the activities of the community, we experience a different life, entered the dance world, not only learned the dance skills, but also enrich our hearts! We have learned how to get along with others and join us in the national standard community. We are able to grow up with our body and mind ... We are the first community of the big leaf registration, won the ninety-one and ninety eight Annual recreational community assessment first. In addition to the annual school held a monthly moon dance, dance and the end of the dance show, but also often participate in the size of the activities of the campus sponsorship performances and outside the factory's invitation to perform, is the central colleges and universities of the national volunteer activities attended the regular staff. "This is what we have long told you, we hope that through the activities of the national standard, can bring other people different vision, but also to let the big leaves of everyone living so Richer, more brilliant! Link:


Mongolian Health Association

The association is in connection with the Mongolian students in the school of friendship, and to help the new Mongolian students learn more Taiwan, and then learn to successfully complete their studies. In addition, the Mongolian experience activities are held from time to time, and students' awareness of Mongolia is enhanced.

Living Fellowship

It is the first established community of large leaves, and because the school does not recognize some organizations that have not been established through school accreditation, every organization has to form a community. At first, almost all of the founding groups School teachers and students have participated in their activities, so it also formed a living faction of the spirit of the founding of the living funk is not affiliated to Evergreen fellowship or campus fellowship, in fact, the fit of the two, is Evergreen Fellowship , Also belong to the campus fellowship, not only participate in Changhua will be organized by the Department of the General Office of the division, the founding of the state, the joint meeting of the state, nor from time to time to receive the campus fellowship prayer letter and care, Individuals are very kind to you when our brothers and sisters, you must feel to, we also regularly plan to do a small welcome day trip, so that everyone's feelings more intimate, in addition, there will be live spring week Activities, so that the big teachers and students more understanding of the fountain, have the opportunity to know Jesus. Link:

Taoist society

• The main purpose of this community is to promote the heavenly gospel and enhance the social good atmosphere, to enhance the body and mind, to achieve the realm of good and the beautiful. In addition, many spiritual cleansing courses and song singing and other meaningful activities, combined with the exchange of institutions to promote growth. Therefore, by the establishment of the Society, a series of life experiences lecture, song singing and many environmental ethics courses, to enhance the knowledge of students in the field, combined with hand DIY and moral ethics organized a series of outdoor volunteer exchange activities, More blessed and important.
• Section 1 Membership
• The first person who is interested in environmental education courses may become members.
• Article 2 becomes a member of this community, must be more than three times in the school, the president will log into the community iCare above members.
• Article 3 Members who have intentionally made damage to the Society's reputation or misappropriation of the property of the Society shall be immediately disqualified from membership and shall never re-enter the Society.
• Article 4 of the Society shall do all the items, and must be used to inform the president or the equipment.
• Article 5 is to be placed in private office in the community and shall not be discharged for more than three weeks, without redemption, unless the product is lost or applied to the president for the purpose of borrowing the goods and use.
• Article 6 The Office of the People's Republic of China shall be an electrical product or a fragile product and a dilapidated article and valuables.

Light Salt Singing Society

It was established in 85 years in the Republic of China. At that time, because of the presence of a group of Christian students and faculty members on campus, they had the feeling that in our university life, in addition to pursuing growth and education, A place where we can come together to enjoy God. So in our campus, set up a light salt chanting society. The purpose is because there are many students in our side of the meaning of life is full of fascination, because the lack of goals in life and the Internet world of addiction. Therefore, we hope that in the four years of the university, through the teaching of the Bible and the love of poetry, so that our lives are full of energy, life is full of hope and positive goals. Associations: Singing poetry: by singing and the people around the open, and close to God, so that our feelings and the spirit of the joy of joy. Poetry Interpretation: By understanding the poet's experience, to help us further let the poetry into our hearts, so that we enjoy poetry more. Sharing experience: in our lives is always filled with many unhappy, by sharing with each other to help us how to experience in the environment and enjoy God. Link:

Indonesian Health Association

The association is in connection with the friendship of Indonesian students, and to assist the new Indonesian students to learn more about Taiwan, and then in the successful completion of their studies. In addition, Indonesian experience activities are held from time to time to enhance students' awareness of Indonesia.

Large mainland students

1. To promote the exchange between mainland students. 2. To assist the various units on the campus coordination and assistance to terrestrial. 3. Better integration of mainland exchange students in the campus. 4. To make Taiwanese students more aware of the Chinese mainland and to promote cross-strait exchanges.

Huizhi society

Anti-traditional trip off the stereotype, so that Buddhism is not limited to the Buddha, but also the problem of life can be solved, do not miss the rare opportunity, let us set the wisdom of Buddhism, welcome your participation Link:


Tennis club

The tennis club was established in 1991. Tennis is a very difficult to learn the movement, need to spend a lot of time and spirit to learn. In a continuous learning, you can enjoy the tennis is a combination of strength and wisdom of the movement, from which to a lot of fun. In addition, while playing, you can also know a lot of friends, together to learn skills. This week two days of the club practice time, there are instructors and school team members carefully instructed, so that members from the basic filming, anti-shoot began, repeated non-stop practice, the future will continue to learn serve, volley, Tennis rules, etc., all kinds of knowledge about tennis, so that members of the tennis have a better understanding, but also enhance physical strength, forging the body. At the end of the semester, the club will also organize tennis competitions, from which to study and improve the members of the tennis skills, while all the students can apply to participate in the school, to promote the rapid growth of the Society, not only the community to be supported and affirmed, but also make tennis more The prevalence of. The club not only provides members of tennis, but also to bring the community out of the school, introduced to the various associations outside the school, expand the scale of the agency, combined with the central tertiary institutions, the establishment of the Central tennis league. Link:

Taekwondo society

Taekwondo all the action is based on their own defense instinct, as the necessary action to cope with the outside world. But its ideal is to create a strong and courageous self-confidence of the Wu Fu, to cultivate things to deal with things without hesitation and courage to play the boldness of the spirit, rather than cultivate a brave, ruthless, reckless Wu Fu. Taekwondo was established on October 28, 2002. At the same time, the Society has been working with the National Museum of Taekwondo. Every week has a professional coach, personally to school teaching. And the guide has a good equipment, members of the leisure time, it is possible to strengthen the practice of the museum hall. And the coach will occasionally arrange members and Taoist players or members of the school area of ​​the Taekwondo team held a friendly match. Society does not use the authority of the leadership, but to a common discussion, learning, progressive mentality to the community, each member of the views and experience can be fully free to share with each other. Coaches and seniors according to the degree of each member, physical state to teach the training, at the same time, there will be a fixed time promotion, promotion, to accept the results of learning. Coaches and seniors will spend some time teaching to introduce some very useful martial arts, so that members can better understand martial arts, not to draw self-limiting. Link:

SPARK Athletic cheerleaders

The cheerleaders are full of passionate cheerleaders, national cheerleaders group b winners, enthusiastic youthful chefs, cheerleading movement, cheerleading movement, and cheerleaders Emotional, promote unity, for the school glory, especially the establishment of the agency, welcome you to participate. Link:

Volleyball Club

During the period of the school have a volleyball class, everyone on the volleyball carved stereotype is "hurried Oh"! So few people are willing to spend their minds to practice volleyball, but in fact the volleyball is a highly skilled exercise, really learned, you will find that in fact do not play a volleyball pain. The point is that "are you playing volleyball or volleyball?" "Most people will only play by the arm to play the ball, but that posture is wrong, it will only make your arms more than a few red and swollen bruises only, the right way should use the power of the whole body To hit the ball. Low hand is the most basic and most important action of volleyball, low hand can control the speed and direction of the ball to achieve the desired position. Volleyball in addition to low hand, there are ball, spike and sealing network and other skills. Really want to experience the mystery of volleyball, light that useless, you must personally participate in the game, and volleyball to a perfect interaction Caixing. At present the school held a large volleyball competition, nothing more than the last semester of the new cup and the next semester of the principal cup; and the school outside the college league. However, since the rise of the volleyball community, the school has a large series of league teams, so that each have been irrelevant to the Department and have a more intimate interaction. Followed by the school volleyball new heat cup fever, volleyball league match (DVL) also run around! The Department of men and women regardless of all eligibility. Activities adopted round robin system, divided into men's group, women's group. The venue is like a newborn cup venue, playing in a volleyball court. Large lunar volleyball community into the army did not take long, be regarded as school young people, but the people who love volleyball has continued for several sessions. The first session of the DVL is in 94 years to lead the hope of the establishment, but at that time because members just debut soon, do game experience is not rich enough, so the team has some criticism and advice of the voice. In recent years, the community due to the accumulation of many experience in the game, so in all aspects of growth, is fulfilling a long time without such a word, I believe the next DVL will be more successful than before. In addition, there are good news to tell you. In the past the school volleyball field only two venues, the team often no place to practice and worry, now more than 2 new volleyball court, please wait and see it! But also please friends do not "house" down, the amount of exercise to make the body more healthy, together to play the ball sway your sweat and youth it! Link:

Pooling league

Taiwan is known as the kingdom of the pool, the pool can be said that Taiwan can only dominate the world movement, since there is such a success, we have to pass on, due to the old prejudice, causing public awareness of the error, leading to the implementation of the pool in Taiwan is not easy, So the establishment of large leaf pool alliance, advocate lead the ball atmosphere, abandon the old prejudice, and actively promote the billiards as the main purpose, in the school to promote the activities between the Department of exchanges, enhance student friendship. The agency also hired the China Pool Association Changhua County representatives, provincial and municipal champion coach Hong late Cheng, technical teaching, guided by the coach, so you are no longer a beginner, knock out the interest, but also hit out the experience. In the heavy under the pressure of the school, to get relief of the pipeline, but also by the game to earn additional pocket money, in one fell swoop how, why not! Link: E6% 92% 9E% E7% 90% 83% E7% A4% BE-939164219508826 / timeline /

Billiard club

Promote the school snooker movement, so that the whole school teachers and students have a certain understanding of the snooker. Link:

Mountaineering Society "Wolves Mountaineering Society"

The agency was founded in October in October, the mountain community for 15 years. Wolves creed: respect for the elderly, teach young people, and peers, can play to play, when the hunter hunting, rest between the two, sharing love, revealing emotions, abandon the scars struggle. Nowadays we have wonderful activities every semester, whether you like mountain climbing, rock climbing, or upstream, or other outdoor activities, mountaineers are your best choice, we will set up from time to time to climb the classroom, increase Mountains in the ability and knowledge, but also can learn to the geological, meteorological, plant, photography, human history and other related knowledge and skills. Mountains, in fact, are very close to us; mountain community like a big family, we seem to be brothers and sisters, support each other, encourage each other, just like our creed, like a wolf brave, adventurous spirit; The concept of mutual care; more different wisdom, chic gorgeous rivers and lakes, the arrogance of all difficulties hindered, never give up the spirit. Come into our embrace ... Let's work together to create our new world! Link:


The purpose of this Council to promote the unity of our civil and military, piano book sword, both for the scholars and minor, young people especially in civil and military unity, follow the spirit of the revolutionary martyrs adventure. Japan has a sword used in ancient times, there are many weapons, the sword because of its two meanings, and was particularly valued, one is the sword itself as a weapon in the soul, whether as a defense or attack, the sword is necessary appliances. Because it is an indispensable thing to fight, its use has been studied since ancient times. With the use of the method changes. Sword Another meaning is like prayer, sacrifice, gods and so on the symbolic utility. It is not difficult to study ancient myths and legends. Kendo can help the mind clear, thinking keen, learn to learn the spirit of Bushido Road, do not admit defeat is not easy to give up the spirit of Kendo is a very attention to the etiquette of the movement, at the end of the practice meditation meditation do not want anything, Of the realm, so that the mood relaxed, so after exercise will feel physically and mentally happy and happy, learn Kendo children will not bad yo ~ welcome to join the big leaf university Kendo club, will let you have an unprecedented new experience Oh! Link:

Judo Society

"Soft" means that the power is not against the opponent's strength, but the use of each other's strength to become their own advantages. "Road" refers not only to methods or techniques, but also to the spirit of the practice to cultivate a good character. To force the power is not the use of judo skills, to be able to "soft to just use" is the essence of judo. Judo has entered the seventh year. We will be the ancient stream of judo techniques, with the most innovative scientific training; our pursuit of judo process is happy but with excellent efficiency. In the country all kinds of judo competition, the community is often achieved success, won countless trophies and medals. Welcome to the experience of judo with us! Link:

National Society "Chi-yun of the Society"

Large leaf Chi Yun National Academy was established in the Republic of China eighty-one years, the teacher for the school teacher Wang Yu Ning teacher. The purpose of the Society for the art of forging chain to carry forward the spirit of the country, practicing boxing for the South Shaolin, Taizu fist; equipment are sticks, knives, iron feet and so on. The teacher in the teacher under the careful training of teachers, over the years in the martial arts championships in the award-winning, whether it is the National Lions Cup or the National Cup, are extremely excellent performance. Now the club in teaching, to teach the traditional Taiwan martial arts, from shallow to deep, and according to their different qualifications to teach different gloves and weapons, in order to strive for excellence, and martial arts in self-cultivation, self-improvement. Link:


The Aikido was founded by the Japanese "Mr. Chi Shing Ping". Mr. Zhi Zhi for our fist, capture, wrestling evolved from a variety of jujitsu, Kendo, knife and guns and so have a profound knowledge, and the so-called Confucianism in China, "kung fu" is also very research, its " "," Yu Qi "," handsome "reason, to create a fit for the operation of the universe Aikido. At present, there are 50 countries in the promotion of Aikido, the number of students has exceeded one million mark. Large leaf university line cloud alley Aikido has gone through ten, the current Aikido community in the heritage, norms ... and so on, mostly for the complete, in addition to the existing four members of the teacher, the previous graduation of the seniors also lack the upper section of the teacher The Aikido is Japan's martial arts, so in the temple is very important etiquette. In addition to stress etiquette, the most important thing is the martial arts spirit; Moreover, all the techniques of Aikido, no trick is to take the initiative to attack, meditation techniques must uphold the "Wu and not fight" the idea, so in the blood The youth is the most suitable martial arts. Link:

Octagonal boxing society

Bajiquan was established in the 104th year of the Republic of China. Every week, the club came from the coach of the Republic of China. In addition to Bazhan boxing outside the other to Zhang Xiaochun coach to learn other martial arts routine, not only fist, more weapons, such as knives, swords, sticks, octopus guns and so on. In addition, in addition to improving the quality of the body, we also stressed that the actual use, is a physical fitness and practical skills, but also to ease the boredom of the excellent movement. Session Hours: Every Wednesday, Section 7 and Section 8 Community Location: A003 Bajiquan welcome you to join

Large leaf leisure swimming club

We are a big leaf leisure swimming club Love to swim you, Come on! Even if the dry ducks do not have to worry, Have a professional coach to teach, Will be able to complete your dream of swimming!
Community time: Wednesday 16: 30 ~ 18: 00 Community Location: School pool Large leaf leisure swimming club welcome you to join

Gale community (soccer club)

Everyone is good ~ we are big leaf ecstasy society (soccer club), In recent years because of 2014 and 2018 World Football Association found that many football fans in Taiwan love football, But many people are afraid to participate in football, so we provide a platform here, So that you like football, whether it will not play, can participate, Everyone to enjoy the fun of football, because the fun of football, It is not just the game, but also with a partner to play, with progress, And this touched moving and feeling is happy, is very happy, Welcome to join you. Link:

Large leaf skateboard

Through the community to participate in the members to understand the skateboard culture and skills, screen skateboard is difficult to limit the movement of the wrong concept, to promote skateboarding movement as a daily life, to enhance the members of the limb coordination and Fan Ying ability to enhance the multi-cultural perspective. Link:

Big leaf basketball

Large basket basketball in 97 years to set up, mainly for the school all kinds of large and small basketball, to promote basketball, strong build physique. Link: E7% B1% 83% E5% A3% 87% E7% A4% BE-153059381389442 / timeline /

Big leaf darts

The association for the promotion of darts, to improve the school students understanding of this movement, and then forging the body to enhance the focus.

Slow softball

We come from the big leaves of the University, a group of love hard base of the elite, to create forever legend. Link:

War Research Society

War game (survival game) has gradually been the favorite of the community, the region is also more and more widely. Mission: military and military knowledge and the field, self-defense skills are the main core of the community, so that students can have basic knowledge of the military, but also to love the students can participate in the survival of the game, to promote healthy leisure life. Are you still considering what kind of community to participate in? War Research Society is definitely your best choice! Link:

Badminton league

In order to enhance the school badminton atmosphere, as well as improve the level of badminton, and with his school co-organized large-scale competition and other purposes. Link:

Wild field club

In order to promote the baseball movement, together with the Department of the same together, together to participate in the baseball. Link:


Human Resources and Public Relations

The establishment of the Institute of Human Resources and Public Relations is to communicate the feelings of students, strengthen ties with teachers and friends, and serve as a bridge between students and schools, offices and societies; to promote academic research and enrich students' extracurricular activities. Link:

Department of Business Administration

Enterprise Management Department of the establishment of the purpose of engaging in academic research, tempered the line, the Department of services students, contact the feelings between teachers and students, establish a fine tradition of the Department of the wind. Link:

Institute of Leisure Business Management

Leisure Business Management Department of learning by leisure services to enhance the quality of life for the establishment of the purpose. Link:

Institute of Molecular Biology

Research on the academic research of the course, to communicate students' emotions and to promote the development of the Department, as a bridge between the school and students, to enrich students extracurricular activities. Link:

International Institute of Business Administration

International Institute of Enterprise Management set up the purpose of serving the Department of students, to enhance the spirit of mutual assistance as the goal. Accessible students and the Department of communication between the school, to promote the feelings of teachers and students, for the entire international business management department, condensation and unity, identity. Held various activities, lectures, corporate observation and teaching cooperation, and the International Enterprise Management Department of teaching objectives, educational characteristics complement each other. Link:

Daye University Institute of Building Research

The Institute for the service building Institute teachers and students, and held within the size of activities, cohesion within the centripetal force and the establishment of the Department of the Department of the brand image.

University of Nursing

The Institute of the Department of services to students and make the activities more diverse.

University of Science and Technology Department of Medical Equipment Design and Materials

The Institute to help promote the system, contact the feelings of teachers and students, and organize various activities to strengthen his communication with him.

Department of Industrial Engineering

Department of Industrial Engineering to strengthen the school, to promote academic exchanges, to enhance the Department of teachers and students and the communication between the establishment of the purpose. Link:

Institute of Industrial Design

In order to promote the research and development of industrial design, the Institute of Industrial Design will be able to promote the research and development of the industrial design, to train the students to organize the ability and responsibility of the students, and to promote the friendship between teachers and students, the pursuit of the whole line for the purpose of the establishment. Link:

Applied Japanese Language Institute

The purpose of applying the Japanese language system is to promote the internal harmony of the department and strengthen the foreign exchange. Link:

Education Society

In order to promote the development of the educational center of the school, to enhance the quality of education teachers in the future, to enhance the feelings of teachers and students, and to establish the communication channels for future members of this Council.

Accounting Information

The Institute of Accounting Information is established to communicate students' emotions and to promote the development of the Department, and as a bridge between students and schools to enrich students extracurricular activities for the purpose. Link:

Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering

The aim of the Institute of Mechanical and Automation Engineering is to engage in academic research, to cooperate with theory and practice, to coordinate the friendship between teachers and students, to promote the spirit of mutual cooperation among students, to establish a fine tradition, to hold academic lectures and recreational activities. Members of the parallel development of physical and mental. Link:

Department of European and Literature

The Department of European and Literature Studies was established to promote internal harmony and strengthen external exchanges. Link:

Department of Environmental Engineering

Department of Environmental Engineering is based on the concept of environmental education to encourage academic research atmosphere, contact members for the purpose of setting up. Link:

Institute of Biotechnology Science and Technology

Biology industry science and technology department for the first service, efficiency first, carry forward the spirit of the biological industry science and technology department. Link:

Department of Biological Resources

The Institute to communicate students' emotions and to promote the Department of various external activities, and as a bridge between students and schools, to enrich students extracurricular activities for the purpose. Link:

Institute of Space Design

Space Design Department of the establishment of the Institute is to expand the freedom of thinking space, the pursuit of the original call of the mind, to create a new era of design field. Link:

Department of Anglo - American Literature

Department of Anglo-American Language Studies is established to organize English and American languages. Link:

Institute of Medicinal Plants and Health

Promote the service of the members of the Association, the highest level of well-being for the members of the Association. Link:

Information Engineering Society

The Institute of Information Engineering was established to serve students and to organize activities for students. Link:

Information Management Institute

The establishment of the Institute of Information Management is to enhance the integration of information and management and promote the development of the whole system, establish a good system of wind, enhance the feelings of teachers and students, and establish a complete communication with the school outside the pipeline. Link:

Institute of Plastic Arts

The Department of Plastic Arts will be able to promote the research and development of the artists' art by means of internal and external scholars, and to promote the ability and responsibility of the students to organize and work with the students and promote the friendship between teachers and students, For the purpose of establishment. Link:

Sports Business Management Institute

The establishment of the Institute of Sports Business Management is to establish a lively unity of the characteristics of the Department, and to help members of the knowledge will be integrated into the daily life, so that the Department, learn and. Members can become the leader in sports and management. Link:

Institute of Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering is under the guidance of the director of the department and counseled by the relevant teacher to engage in various activities so as to achieve the purpose of establishing the members' Link:
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