Infectious disease health education

Influenza prevention and treatment

In order to cope with the flu epidemic on campus, please be sure to implement personal hygiene habits, correct hand to protect their health, cough and sneeze cover nose, sick at home to rest, do not attend the principle of not working. 

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Prevention of dengue fever

In order to prevent dengue fever, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the Department of Health (DH) provides information on prevention and control policies, vector mosquitoes and habits, and information on the introduction and treatment of dengue fever and mosquito breeding. 

★  Annex 1: Understanding dengue fever 
★  Annex 2: dengue fever vector mosquito breeding self-checklist       

Prevention and treatment of tuberculosis

What happens when a tuberculosis outbreak occurs on campus? 】 【
 To prevent the teachers and students and parents panic and maintenance of tuberculosis cases of privacy, the right to work and the right to school, taking into account the health of teachers and students, tuberculosis prevention and control see [Annex 1] latent assassin - understanding of tuberculosis, [Annex 2] Notes and simple self-test table, to strengthen the correct understanding of the prevention and control of individual self-health management, [Annex 3] for the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis Q & A. 

★  Annex 1: Latent Assassin's Tuberculosis (Film Version)
★  Annex 2: Tuberculosis Prevention and Self-Test Table
★  Annex 3: Campus Tuberculosis Prevention Q & A

AIDS (human immunodeficiency virus infection) prevention and treatment

It is transmitted through body fluids (such as blood, semen, vaginal secretions, breast milk, etc.). The route of transmission includes: 
(a) Sexual transmission: Sexual behavior in contact with HIV, oral, vaginal, vaginal There is the possibility of infection. 
(B) blood transmission: with AIDS infected with injection needle, syringes, diluent or enter the blood of HIV and its pollution and other products. 
(C) vertical infection of mother and child: infected with AIDS pregnant women, may be in pregnancy, production or breastfeeding, the virus will be transmitted to the baby. 

Latency: The "latency" of AIDS refers to "the time of onset of HIV infection." Typical AIDS latency, from infection  
           to the development of AIDS, fast six months to five years, the slow 7 to 10 years or more If the control drug therapy can 
           delay the onset, prolonged incubation period. 

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★  national anonymous screening hospital
★  rights and interests of the infected person heart care information
★  condoms should be equipped with water-based lubricant articles

Za card virus prevention and treatment

Zika virus infection (Zika virus infection) is caused by the Zika virus (Zika virus) caused by acute infectious diseases, mainly through the mosquito bites spread, the earliest in 1947 in Uganda, Uganda, Zaki forest monkeys isolated The Currently based on genotype is divided into Asian and African-type two types, in Central Africa, Southeast Asia and India have found the record. In the past, there were only a handful of cases of human cases, and there was a greater awareness of the disease until the outbreak of the population in Yalu Island, the Federated States of Micronesia, in 2007. 

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