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Suspended particles (PM2.5)

Air pollution is one of the major environmental risks that affect health. With regard to the health effects of air pollution, the National Health Service (WHO) summarizes the World Health Organization (WHO) research information and provides public reference for the use of self-sustaining cognitive fine suspended particulates (PM2.5) of the health self-protection area

Burns emergency treatment

  1.  Cool the area with water ( 10 to 15 minutes) until there is no feeling of pain and heat.
  2.  Burned parts were stuck, not hard off off. You can wipe the side, with a scissors carefully cut. 
  3.  Scalding range is too large, the body can be soaked in the bath (except winter), there trembling phenomenon, to immediately stop cooling.
  4.  After cooling, with a clean gauze gently cover the burn site. If there is blisters, can not be crushed, so as not to cause infection.
  5.  Do not burn in the burned place miso, soy sauce, etc., and quickly sent to medical treatment.
  6.  In principle, we must bear in mind the five principles of "red, off, bubble, cover and send".
※ Note: If the chemical burns, will use water to wash off the body of drugs, and quickly seek medical attention.

Treatment of nosebleeds

  1. Let the patient keep quiet, quietly waiting for the nose to stop.
  2.  In case the patient's nasal flow, it is recommended to allow patients to sit in a chair, head forward, pressing the nose inside or with a towel cold nose.
  3.  Do not let the patient lie down, it is customary that we will head back, this approach has the risk of nasal flow back into the throat, do not recommend this approach, and then do not recommend to beat the neck to stop bleeding.
  4.  The patient is best to temporarily change the mouth to breathe, hand a little hard to pinch the nose cartilage, trying to stop bleeding.
  5. If you can not stop the nosebleed, you can use a clean cotton or gauze stuffed nose, but remember not all stuffed into the nostrils.
  6.  If the mouth of the blood, it is best to quickly spit, to avoid swallowing caused by nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.
  7.  Can not stop bleeding in ten to fifteen minutes, should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Injury handling

Seasonal influenza and norovirus gastroenteritis

From January to February each year for the seasonal flu peak season, and November to March during the Noro virus gastroenteritis epidemic season, 
 please strengthen the self-protection and precautions: 
(a) pay attention to home environmental sanitation and good environment ventilation. 
(B) try to avoid access to crowded public places or contact with patients. 
(C) to develop a good personal hygiene habits wash hands, eat before the toilet to be strengthened after washing hands. 
(D) pay attention to nutrition balance , diet , exercise and adequate sleep, to enhance personal immunity. 
(5) If you are infected with influenza or Noruo virus should wear a mask, appropriate rest and appropriate to add water, and according to the doctor instructed to receive treatment, the 
     implementation of the principle of not open to the public. 
(F) strengthen health education, including non-raw food , do not drink; if access to sanitation less developed areas, should pay attention to water and food hygiene, 
     food cooked eat as much as possible to avoid infection bacillary dysentery , typhoid , amoebic Dysentery and Norovirus and other intestinal infectious diseases. 
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