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Student insurance

Student insurance insured
Students who are enrolled in this school are free to choose to participate or do not participate in student insurance (student insurance is included in the registration form of each semester, if the choice of non-participants are required to apply for refund, refund process in accordance with the " Insurance refund process "for refund; processing period: the first semester September 30, the second semester February 28).
Student insurance claims, how to apply?
When applying, the following conditions should be met:
  1. Eligibility: Students with school students who are insured and who are hospitalized or have been exposed to exogenous accidental injuries due to illness.
  2. Application deadline: Within two years from the date of commencement, apply for claims.
  3. Application should check documents:
    1. Application form (we fill in the application form to the health insurance group or go to the health insurance group to download and print).
    2. Medical diagnosis book (in the last outpatient or discharge).
    3. Medical receipt or original copy of the receipt (must be closed or closed with the original).
    4. Passbook cover (insurance company remittance).
    5. "Death insurance", and the other with the insured person to death diagnostic certificate or the body of the certificate and the household registration transcripts.
    6. "Disability insurance", and the other with the insured person with a disability certificate.
    7. "Living allowance insurance", and the other with a beneficiary household registration transcripts or other proof of survival.
    8. "Major burns insurance money", "major injury insurance money", and the other with medical diagnosis book.
    9. "The initial suffering from cancer insurance money", and the other with a pathological examination report.
School students have completed registration, how to apply for non-student insurance premium refund?
  1. Duration: 9/30 days before the first semester, 2/28 days before the second semester.
  2. Refund process:
    1. Step one: fill out the "do not participate in student group insurance cut book (registered, for refund)" (in the Victoria Group website to download and print fill out).
    2. Step 2: Submit or fax "Do not participate in student group insurance parent consent" and "student passbook cover" information to health care group.
    3. Step 3: The refund information is collected and the financial management team will assist the student account. (Remittance will mail student school box notification has completed the refund)
What are the qualifications of overseas Chinese insurance?
  • Qualification: If you are a student of the University, the Overseas Chinese University of China, or the Ministry of Education of the Overseas Chinese Association, or the Ministry of Education.
  • The bid should be seized documents: Taiwan residence permit or alien residence permit, to the security group for insurance procedures.
  • Insurance period: six months from the date of entry into force of the insurance.
How does the surrender insurance cover?
  • Due to graduation, drop out, leave immediately return to residence or before leaving the country, should go to the school health care group for surrender procedures.
  • Overseas students, foreign students due to graduation, drop out, leave the school did not immediately leave, still in Taiwan, and their residence permit is still valid, should be transferred to the school health care group, and transferred to prove to the residence permit The residence (residence) address of the township (town, city, district) office for insurance procedures.
Overseas and foreign students to participate in the national health insurance conditions?
Students who have a residence certificate and a foreign student will be enrolled in accordance with the law and will be enrolled in the national health insurance.
How do you attend the National Health Insurance?
Health insurance card to the health care special medical hospital for medical treatment.
How does the security card lose?
  1. Preparation of documents: two photos of one, residence permit is, anti-shadow and the cost of 200 yuan.
  2. For the post office counter, the Central Health Insurance Bureau in the District Branch or the school health care group charge d'affaires.
  3. Inquiries: 0800-030-598, Website: http://www.nhi.gov.tw

Health service category

Health care group to provide health services?
Health care group services:
  • Trauma handling, wound dressing and emergency ambulance services.
  • Provide crutches, medicine boxes, wheelchairs and hot water bottles and other items loan service.
  • For student insurance, claims apply for services.
  • For new health check services.
  • Provide health counseling services.
  • Responsible for food hygiene supervision, school food and beverage consumer complaints service.
  • Promote first aid training and blood donation activities.
  • Provide free medical advice.
Can health care group provide medical supplies for loan? How to handle
The health care group can provide loan crutches, medicine boxes, wheelchairs, hot and cold water bags and triangular towels. Students are required to fill in the "Supplies Loan Registration Form" and check whether the function is normal when receiving the equipment. Make sure that there is no damage when returning the equipment. If there is any damage,
How do I complete a fresh health check?
Please fill in the information of the "University Students' Healthy Information Card" and complete the health checkup according to the "University Student Health Information Card" project:
• Participate in the school group newborn health checkers, physical examination report unified by the hospital.
• Choose your own public and private hospital examiner, for each hospital physical examination operation time is about 7-10 working days, please early operation time,
  And within two weeks after the commencement of the school to pay "Da Ye University student health card" information to the health care group.
If you do not participate in school physical examination, whether to pay other medical reports?
(Such as labor inspection, medical examination, feeding staff physical examination, etc.), because the inspection items and the Ministry of Education provides a wide range of inspection items, it is not directly to the report, it is recommended to accept the school fresh health an examination. If you want to pay a completed health inspection report to meet the following requirements:
             1. The report of the blood biochemical tests and chest X-ray should be listed in our health data list
             2. The deadline for payment of the report shall be a full report within three months from the date of commencement.
             3. A copy of the inspection report in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1.2 above may be photocopied and paid together with the fresh health information card of the University.
               (The project is not the same, as the unpaid)
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