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In order to make the campus emergency ambulance more quickly, now with the school teachers and students to cooperate, when the incident occurs after the call in the ambulance at the same time, must immediately notify the guard room, and inform the need for ambulance location, can correctly guide to the accident location to save Ambulance.

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Quit smoking service message

Off-site smoking cessation services

(A) Changhua County Medical Center quit smoking outpatient table (2) Changhua County Community Board to quit smoking counseling station (c) free of charge to quit smoking green line Service       Service: Please use the city phone, public telephone and mobile phone call free pay line 0800-63 -63-63       Service Unit: National Health Council Cessation Line Service Center
     Service Hours: Monday to Saturday 09:00 - 21:00 (except for the New Year and Sunday, the national holidays as usual services.)       Services: to provide professional advice on smoking cessation services: smokers themselves, smokers friends and relatives or who wish to obtain information about smoking cessation and other green address: Shilin District, Taipei Zhongshan North Road, Sec 16 service Tel: (02) 2886-6363 Fax: (02) 2886-7373        success rate: through leased line help to quit smoking, quit smoking successfully More than two percent. Way: by professional consultants to conduct one-on-one telephone interviews, to help callers tailored to individual smoking cessation program.  (4) Changhua County smoke-free mountain trail   

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