The Life and Accommodation Counseling Group's work is based on all life and accommodation needs outside the student's coursework. The main tasks in life counseling include student military service, schooling loans, preferential treatment for scholarship, scholarships, student work, and overseas student counseling. Freshmen training, student weekly meetings, student conduct, student rewards and punishments, campus safety, traffic safety, democratic spirit and rule of law education, and anti-tobacco activities of Chunhui project.

The accommodation counseling section includes all the services of on-campus and off-campus accommodation, including: accommodation, accommodation, room exchange application, bed allocation, student dormitory management and counseling, off-campus landlord symposium, rental information fair, off-campus rental liaison and counseling, Leasing contract dispute counseling, etc. The assistance and counseling of students' food, clothing, housing, and daily life related needs are the key tasks of this group, and they are the most outposts for students to consult all doubts outside the course.

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