Accommodation Information

On-Campus Accommodation

Apply for Accommodation

  • application process:
    1. Fill in the Student Dormitory Application Form
    2. Group of random computer random number drawing
    3. Web page posted in the list
    4. To fill in the accommodation confirmation form
    5. Return the application form to the group and confirm the bed
    6. Hold the student application to the administrator room to receive the key and pay two hundred yuan deposit
    7. Stay in

Change request

  • application process:
    1. Fill in the "Student Dormitory Replacement Dormitory Application Form"
    2. This group has approved the roster of accommodation
    3. Transfer the student stub to the manager room
    4. Stay in the new room

Departure application

  • application process:
    1. Fill out "Student Dormitory Escape Application Form"
    2. Group approved accommodation list
    3. Holding the student stubs to the administrator room to return the key and get back the original payment of the deposit of two hundred dollars
    4. The escalation procedure is completed

Summer vacation vacation

  • application process:
    1. Fill in the cold, summer vacation application form
    2. This group arranges beds
    3. To the financial group to pay
    4. Return the application form to the group and confirm the bed
    5. Holding the student stubs to the manager room to collect the keys and pay two hundred yuan deposit
    6. Stay in

Arrangement of mailing in the dormitory on campus

Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Information


Leased Living Information Rental Living information

Landlord area

Dear Landlords, Mr. Do you have a house to rent, but has been no pipe? Want to post roadside ads and worry about being fined? We are here to provide a completely free and well-informed leasing pipeline, hope you can join the school to take care of the ranks of students. Since the establishment of the "Accommodation Counseling Group", we have always been enthusiastic and caring for the work attitude of our students. We hope that we will set up a second warm home for our students in the vicinity of our school. We will also work with your landlord to promote the whole area Quality and protection of student housing interests and efforts. To remind you: at this stage happens to students for home, looking for the best time, I hope you can grasp the opportunity, and quickly contact us, big leaves and so on you to pull into! Blessings Your Family Safety Da Ye University Student Affairs Office Life & Accommodation Counseling Group Thank you!

Rental information

  • In order to facilitate the search for the rental information in the vicinity of the school, the group has specially commissioned the computer center to develop the accommodation and rental information system, and provided the landlord's free information and the opportunity for the students to find the house. , But the school can not guarantee that the Internet will be rented out of the rent or rent to the teachers and students, please direct contact with the landlord, the school does not intervene in the two acts of leasing transactions.
  • The Accommodation information on the Accommodation is a free and free service. We do not have the right to publish or revoke any information on any of our website's pages without having to inform the student or the landlord for any reason. The Accommodation Information System Only the platform for the upload of objects is provided and does not deal with any leasing transactions with the landlord. All disputes or liabilities arising from the leasing transaction are not related to the system, the university and faculty.
  • In order to cooperate with the Ministry of Education and the county police Accommodation security policy, please apply for the following information:
    1. Fill out the "landlord apply for off-campus rented Information Systems signed a memorandum book", "living off-campus rent Services Application Form" and "renting Security Certification Application Form" .
    2. Please landlord will be my identity card, the ownership of the rental housing (or the last year of the housing tax) and other photocopies in the application form affixed to the paste in the field.
    3. The location of the rental office at the outside leasing service application form.
    4. Completion of the Application Form for the Application for Lease of Housing Information System, Application Form for Out-of-School Leasing Service and Application Form for Accommodation Safety, etc., will be held from Monday to Friday at 9am ~ 11:30 pm, 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm, sent to the Student Affairs Office Life and Accommodation Counseling Section (Administration Building A113) to check, approved by the landlord, the landlord login information will help to place the school rent House page.
    5. Passes the security certification of the rental information, the other in the "rental safety certification list."
  • Off - campus Accommodation Tel: 04-8511888 Extension 1176

Accommodation Safety Certification Process Description (10+ beds)

  • application process:
    1. By the rental business by telephone, oral, written or e-mail and application form to the school or area police station to apply.
    2. After the school, after the first instance, to the police station to apply for testing.
    3. After the police branch review, the dispatcher will work with the school representatives, the rental business and the fire department, according to the investigation and inspection.
    4. The results are checked by the police and the school, and the school will be published on the school website for students (parents) as a rental reference.
  • practice:
    • One star:
      1. Escape route is not stacked debris, keep smooth.
      2. The building has a common access control access and has a lock or security officer.
      3. There is an induction (fixed) type of lighting in the building or in the surrounding parking area.
      4. Gas water heater installed in the outdoor and ventilated or installed in the room with the installation of forced exhaust equipment.
      5. There have been no law (police) (who fugitives or criminal cases ...).
    • Two stars: in addition to a star conditions, still have the following conditions
      1. There are surveillance cameras in the building or in the surrounding parking area.
      2. Fire safety equipment for buildings shall comply with the requirements (at least there shall be fire alarm devices for residential use, fire extinguishers, emergency lights, export signs and fire equipment such as evacuation equipment shall be provided on the second floor above).
      3. Building with anti-theft window (indoor open).
    • Three stars: In addition to two stars with the conditions, still has the following conditions
      1. The building has a special safety identification equipment (referring to the use of induction lock, credit card, password, finger (palm) pattern, pupil).
      2. With CO detector equipment.
      3. There are managers (owners, builders, security personnel) live with managers.
      4. Whether the building has an insured building insurance.
      5. The list of non-student alien population accommodation can be provided immediately (after telephone, verbal, written, e-mail) to the police station.
  • Check Note:
    1. Approved: legal buildings can provide more than 10 tenants.
    2. Certification: According to the "checklist" by the school representatives with the police and fire units of the local survey, inspection.
    3. Certification unit: the police and the school together, the certification label by the school and the district police station to cover the beginning of the certificate, the certification by the police station to protect the use of post-mortem issued.
    4. Duration: Valid for one year from the date of issuance. The certification unit within the validity period from time to time spot checks.
    5. In any of the following circumstances, the certification unit may revoke its certification and announcement
      1. Found that the original through the equipment due to human or natural disasters or other force majeure failure, damage, not within a week to repair.
      2. By the household reaction or police District police officers found notice, more than five days without improvement.
      3. Unauthorized change of grade.
      4. The use of this certification improperly add rent or other business people.
      5. Inappropriate conduct outside the purpose of this certification.
    6. Those who have passed the certification of good home, from time to time the implementation of testing, to maintain the credibility of certification.
    7. Police station police officers should take the initiative to contact with the owner, do not master the list of non-student population of foreign population, and the establishment of temporary resident population card check.
    8. Police District police should be the manager of the line should be the first assessment.
    9. The certified information, the branch offices, sub-stationed (sent) should be booked by the tube and deputy to this Council.
    10. Other (included in the announcement reference): This is provided by the district (sent), the branch business group to give assistance.
      1. Near the 30 meters within the easy way (section) mouth (Department), a year had a record (times)
      2. Dormitory is located in the more remote, the surrounding environment for the presence of danger, such as tramps, abandoned factories, dark corners or other trouble together.
    11. "Anti-videotape detection equipment", in the handling of this project, by the local police station investigation team sent to detect the use of students to rent dormitory environment safety.
  • Accommodation Safety Certification Application Form (10 beds or more)
  • Out-of-home housing safety checklist (9 beds or less)

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