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Care and exhortation

  1. During your stay in Taiwan, please carry your identity documents, such as student ID, residence permit, passport photocopy (the original is please keep) to prepare for the police to show proof of identity, and please note that the validity period, the period should be One month in advance for the extension of the formalities, or re-handling procedures are very troublesome, in addition to fines, and will be required to leave the country, and then return to the country and then re-entry.
  2. Work must apply to the Ministry of Labor for work permits, students can be students to support the form of the page form download area to download the application form, and in accordance with the table description and precautions, prepare the relevant parts, the Health and auxiliary group and the Department of the signature, Self-mail handling, and in accordance with the provisions of not more than 20 hours per week (winter and summer hours of work without restrictions). The school will be deported, except that the employer is punished, and the student will be deported according to the laws and regulations of the employment service.
  3. Personal documents, valuables, money, etc., please keep your own custody.
  4. The information on the overseas students will be published on the website. Please visit the Internet regularly to avoid damage to your personal interests.
  5. Please note that the relevant provisions of the school, such as payment registration, elective, leave, suspension, rehabilitation, transfer, accommodation applications and other provisions, and please pay attention to apply for limitation.
  6. do not forget! Often write a letter to the family or call the newspaper safe.
School Address: 51591 Changhua Village, Daocun Township, Changhua County, No. 24 , School Security Center 24 hours on duty Tel: 04-8511-119 Overseas Affairs Committee 24 hours emergency contact Tel: 0912-040-119
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