Part-Time Jobs On Campus

Work Notes

1. Students who are not part-time prior to the second semester of the 102 academic year will not appear in the list of selections.

Please refer to the schedule for the pre-service class. 2. Students are required to register for each school year at: (Home: Student Information System / Activity & Life / Work / Work Application: Check "General Worker" & Quot; Life Grants & quot; and enter the post-archives). Students to work in the unit, the person to guide the work content, students must do business guidance confirmation, website:   (Home: student information system / activities and life / work / business guidance Confirm). 3. Students must go to iCare every semester without a full-time job statement (Website: (Home: iCare / Personal Information / Second Generation Health Insurance Supplement and Student No Full Job Disclaimer system: the new statement, click on the full-time work with no input after confirming the date). 4. students must pay to photocopy personal account at the General property group.

Registration of pre-employment instructions should be marked with a table

In accordance with the provisions of the Career Center, students will be required to complete the following inspection procedures before they attend the pre-service class: 【 Registration  1. Students → To the Career Center, Experience the cumulative total number of hours , has been recognized as the number of hours up to 30 hours (inclusive) or more → direct enrollment classes (school students Health and auxiliary group). 2. Students → to the Center for Career Center for the University of the University of Internship and experience the total number of hours , less than 30 hours → fill out the "work-study practice deep checklist"

    And "school internship internship assessment form" to the employment of the employment unit assessment → to send Career Center review → enrollment study (school students Health and auxiliary group). 3. Those who wish to attend the above-mentioned (1) or (2) operating procedures are required to attend the above-mentioned school students.

    After the nuclear, you can receive the cost of work.

4.  Da Ye University school practice study deepening checklist Download URL:

List of Responsibilities of Contractors

project Description Business unit Contractor Extension Whether you need to attend a pre-service class Can log in the workplace experience experience hours
Career Center Warmer  Extension 1245 Career Center Lai Hui Ping  Extension 1246
General work 1. The school staff assigned to the unit by the number of hours of employment employed by the students. 2. The unit budget changes the employment of the students. Life and accommodation counseling group Xu Linyi Xuan 1184 Yes Yes
Project Planning Assistant (Such as the Agriculture Commission, the Education Program, etc.) The program host - - no Yes
Life grants To provide students a total of six months a month of six thousand yuan a month living expenses Life and accommodation counseling group Xu Linyi Xuan 1184 no no
Weak grants Divided into five grades (5000 ~ 35000) subsidy Life and accommodation counseling group Xu Linyi Xuan 1184 no no
Note: the school work to read the "University of large-scale university practice and experience the implementation of experience - informal courses" approach is as follows: ◎ this table can be recognized "Da Ye University Workplace Experience and Experience Implementation Method - Informal Course" The first paragraph of the common functions or professional functions related to school work, the approved by the person, to be credited to the 102 academic year into the scholars -40 hours, 103 years after the enrollment - 80 hours. ◎ For those who want to apply for "Daegu University Workplace Experience and Experience", please go to " Daisy University Certificate 20% 1) .pdf "path to download the form to fill out. ◎ After filling out the table, please print and set it in the page of "Da Ye University Workplace Experience and Experience Manual". And before the end of the semester announcement to send the school Career Center to apply. Overdue payment, the number will be changed to the next semester.
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