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School loan

What are the qualifications and conditions for applying for a school loan?
  1. Qualification:
    1. Those who are registered with the nationalities of the Republic of China and who are enrolled in the education authorities at all levels, with formal and fixed school years, private universities, senior secondary schools and school students.
  2. Credit conditions:
    1. The annual income of the student and his / her parents or legal representatives (the student has been married, for the student and his spouse) is in compliance with the "Low to Low Income Family" or the school is required to apply for a school loan. But if there are more than two children in their families at senior secondary schools, do not meet the standards of low-income families and schools have not been admitted to apply for school loans necessary, can also apply for school loans, but should be borne from the date of self-commitment interest.
    2. Students and associated guarantor per capita with the nationality of the Republic of China, and a household registration. Foreign nationals who have been born abroad have not yet obtained a household registration after their return to school. If they have applied for a residence permit and the passport of the Republic of China, they shall check with the parent-child relationship between the civil servant and the child born abroad. The rest according to the provisions of the school loan approach.
    3. Students are not entitled to all public and all tuition fees and are not eligible for any other interest-free student loans sponsored by the Government. However, if there is a part of the public fee, part of the tuition fee waiver and / or education subsidy, and its expenses to pay tuition and fees (hereinafter referred to as tuition fees) after deducting part of the public fee, part of the amount of relief and education subsidies are still the difference , On the part of the difference, can also apply for school loans.
How do students apply for a loan?
  1. Students apply to the Bank of Taiwan to study the loan entry network. Use the browser through the Internet to enter the Taiwan Bank school loan entry network:
    1. Registered members: registered as a new member, log the basic information, set the password.
    2. Student Login: Login with member password.
    3. Fill out the Application for School Loan.
    4. Print the "Application for School Loan".
  2. Students go to Taiwan Bank for insurance procedures.
    1. Warranty period: the first semester: every year from August 1 to the end of September. The second semester: from January 15 to the end of February each year.
    2. Counterfeit place: Taiwan Bank of domestic branches can handle.
    3. To carry information:
      1. School loan application / funding notice.
      2. National identity card, seal.
      3. Registration fee notice.
      4. The first time: the last three months of household registration transcripts (including the students themselves, legal agents, spouses and guarantors, such as household registration, should be attached to the separate).
      5. The second time: the same course has been completed before the school loan application / funding notice of the third joint (borrower holders).
  3. Students are signed by the Bank of Taiwan to apply for a loan application / grant notice.
  4. School aggregated data to send tax center to check the annual income of students.
    • Qualified: The school compiled information to send the Bank of Taiwan for examination and funding.
    • Unqualified but the family has two children read high school or above: according to the school notice to pay another brother and sister of the proof of school, can apply for loans, not pay, not for.
    • Unqualified: The school informs the student of the fees.
How does the student apply for a school loan?
The amount of the student applying for a school loan is in the following ranges:
  • Tuition fee: the actual payers (including tuition fees).
  • Internship: the actual payee of the semester.
  • Book fees: the amount of the provisions of the competent authorities, the current high school (or vocational) for 1,000 yuan, tertiary 3,000 yuan.
  • Accommodation fee: the amount of the provisions of the competent authorities, if the students stay outside the school, then the maximum amount of accommodation for the school ceiling.
  • In accordance with the provisions of the private school to pay the withdrawal of funds.
  • Student safe insurance.
  • Overseas training fee:
    • The maximum amount of credit for each school year is $ 440,000 for those who are awarded a "double degree" in accordance with the University Law.
    • Those who have public expense, civil service children's education subsidy, people with disabilities or other government-related subsidy may apply for a school loan only for the difference between the deduction of public expense, child education subsidy and tuition fee.
How is the loan interest rate calculated?
By the Ministry of Education and the handling of the loan agreement with the bank. (Hereinafter referred to as the postal 1-year interest rate) plus the annual rate of 1.05% of the annual rate; interest rate every three months in the annual November by the day of the postal 1 (1) Year interest rate interest rate adjustment once, plus annual rate according to the loan bank overdue loan situation, the annual review of the adjustment once, by the Ministry of Education announced. * Note: For example, on 1 August 1996, the one-year postal interest rate is 2.4%, then the rate of school loan is 3.45%. November 1, 2006 1 year postal interest rate of 2.48%, then the school loan interest rate of 3.53%.
How is the calculation of the loan repayment period? What is the repayment method? Is it possible to reimburse the loan before or after the expiry?
The period of repayment of the loan is calculated on the basis of the period of one-year reimbursement for each semester. The borrower shall, during the period of repayment, repay the principal and interest on a monthly basis. But the borrower, such as studying abroad, settling abroad or working abroad, their school loans that are all due, should be the day before departure, once the principal and the interest should be paid. In addition to the above repayment method, it may be paid in advance or once before the expiry date.
What should I do if a student is unable to pay for the loan principal and interest on schedule? Such as overdue repayment, what will happen?
School loans are not donations made by the Government to students, nor are they welfare benefits, but only a concessionary loan, so the loan students should still be in accordance with the agreement to spread the principal and interest. If you can not regularly repay the principal and interest on schedule, you should take the initiative to negotiate with the Bank of Taiwan branch to adjust the repayment amount, duration and related repayment conditions, and invites the joint guarantor to sign the additional contract after the terms of the repayment. If the loan is due to the overdue repayment, the Bank will file a claim against the loan student and the joint guarantor. The financial union information center will file the documents of the loan student and the joint guarantor as a bad financial creditor and Open to the financial institutions. The record of bad debts will not only affect the credit of loan students and associated guarantors, but will be rejected when they apply for checks, credit cards, or other loans to banks, and will also affect the loan students and their associated Guarantor in the future, domestic or foreign employment or schooling opportunities.

Preferential treatment

What are the qualifications and conditions for applying for leave to study?
  1. Children with physical and mental disabilities (parents need physical and mental disorders manual)
  2. Physical and mental disorders students (I need to have physical and mental disorders manual)
  3. Active military children (1. parents active duty military identity card, indicating the service unit and the number of soldiers 2. students of their own dependents copy)
  4. Military prisoners (including the inside and out of the relevant proof of the certificate, the alleged military prisoners, refers to the military male prisoners because of war, because of public, due to illness or accidental death, the children of their children, raising children or children without siblings To receive a pension according to law.
  5. Low-income or low-income children (need to have a government unit issued to the low or low-income households to prove that non-cold proof)
  6. Aboriginal students (proof of household transcripts required).
  7. Special circumstances Family of children (municipalities, counties (cities) Government Social Bureau (Section) or township (town, city, district) issued by the special circumstances of family status documents and household registration transcripts proof)
Can anyone apply for school attendance relief?
no. Must meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education, and for the normal number of years of employment within the school day, night, undergraduate students and graduate students who can apply for eligibility can not apply for life.
I would like to apply for school attendance at the same time relief and school loans can not?
can. But must be deducted from the amount of relief (or subsidies), the balance can apply for school loans.


What scholarships can apply? Where do you know the scholarship application?
There are more than 20 scholarships offered by the school. There are "new scholarships for all kinds of freshmen", "outstanding academic performance and excellent student award", "homework grants", "student grants", " Awarded Scholarships for Out-of-School Students, Scholarships for English Proficiency Test, Award for Out-of-School Skills Competition, Scholarly Scholarship for Scholarship, Fellowship for Scholarship, Fellowship Award for Outstanding Societies, , "Cross-disciplinary credits", "Aboriginal student grants" and "Intra-school relief funds" ... and so on, and the extracurricular scholarships welcome students to inquire or contact the students.
Will you apply for a scholarship?
The eligibility criteria for the scholarships are based on the types of scholarships, and applicants who meet the requirements of the scheme can apply. Generally, divided into performance requirements, low-income proof or cold proof, household registration information, personal autobiography and so on. Scholarships are broadly divided into two major classes: school scholarships and extracurricular scholarships. Especially outside the school, to the major cultural and educational foundation, the Foundation, the county government-based. Each category of qualifications are not the same, students should look carefully to avoid the application of the wrong.
How do I apply for a graduate student grants?
Graduate grants are responsible for hiring graduate students to serve as teaching assistants in accordance with the required conditions. About the beginning of each semester at the beginning of the school, that is, the election of the right candidates, if there is a willingness to serve as an assistant, should be early to the assistant to apply, so as not to miss the election period.
How will the top three scholarships apply and when will they be issued?
The top three academic scholarships are not required by the student. Based on the outstanding achievement of the University of Science and Technology and the excellent student award, the results of the Academic Affairs Office are corrected and the list of winners will be announced and the awards ceremony will be held at the week time. Students need to learn more about the academic performance of fine scholarships in the eligibility requirements, in the Office of Academic Affairs can query. For example: no any subjects fail, the operation of a class above, the semester has not recorded above the record ... and so on.

Student leave

How to ask for leave?
  • Student leave is applied online via the Student Information System. When the day of absence is less than three days, it will be approved by the course instructor. If the day of absence is more than four days to a week, the director of the department will approve it. Absence request more than seven days will have to be approved by the dean.
  • Leave application during a major assembly such as weekly meetings, celebrations, sports meets, etc. should be approved by the class tutor and the department head.
  • Leave applications during school registration day or examination weeks should be processed in accordance with the regulations of the Academic Affairs Office.
  • Leave applications during a dormitory assembly should follow the regulations of the Accommodation Counseling Group of the Academic Affairs Office.
Will the leave be deducted?
The leave is not deducted from the performance of the course, and the academic results are partly stipulated by the course instructors.
What kind of documents do you need to apply for leave?
According to Article 7 of the Leave Rule: Students are required to present the documents as follows:
  • Sick leave and maternity leave: A certificate from a legal medical institution or other relevant documents must be attached.
  • Leave: A parent's letter or other relevant documents must be submitted.
  • Marriage and funeral leave: A copy of the account book or other relevant documents must be attached.
  • Leave for Statutory Reasons: Anyone who participates in off-campus or school-wide activities on behalf of the school must firstly be approved by the dispatched unit, and then apply for the leave. Those who are in military service must have the certificate of the military service.
How long does it take to complete the leave process?
Student leave is applied online via the Student Information System. You must complete the application procedure within seven days (weekend days are inclusive.) If you are overdue, please take a leave written form and complete the application before the end of the semester. Leave for Statutory Reasons and any leaves during registration leave or exam weeks mustn’t be applied afterwards but must be completed beforehand.
What are the consequences of students who do not attend the school major gathering?
If you fail to attend important gatherings, you are likely to have reprimand punishment by the relevant units according to the student's reward and punishment regulations.

Reward and punishment

How can I get a reward?
If you often participate in activities on and off campus and perform well, you may receive awards with rewards such as merits after being promoted by teachers or administrators. For more details, please refer to the University of Student Awards and Punishments.
Which administrative units handle student merit-or-demerit record? commended for school reward and punishment operations? Can students make a request for it on their own?
Students who have made contributions with substantial evidence to back up their claim can be referenced through the relevant units or the faculty and staff to process student merit cases for an honorable mention in the life counseling team.
Is it possible to dismiss demerit points and how?
To dismiss demerits, students on parole can apply for the "Compulsory Punishment to Campus Service" in the Student Affairs Section of the Academic Affairs Office by serving 96 hours for a major demerit, 24 hours for a minor demerit and 8 hours for a warning in an academic year. Those who fail to complete the required hours and meet the deadline will be deemed to give up their qualifications.
Is there a meeting exclusively held for student merits and demerits? Do students have the right to attend it to express their opinions?
Any cases of students awarded significant merits must be handled by the Student Reward and Punishment Committee for evaluation. There are two student representatives assigned to be the committee members, and the subjects of the case are entitled to be the attendees to express their own opinions as well. Please refer to the implementation methods of the University of Science and Technology Awards and Punishment Committee of Daye University.
What penalties will the students who cheat or help others cheat on the exams be reprimanded?

According to the examination rules (see below), penalties such as a minor demerit or a major demerit will be issued to the students caught cheating with evidence:

Article 9 Students peeking at other people's papers or deliberately covering others in any forms of cheating, violating will be asked to leave immediately with zero point on the exam and shall be handled in accordance with the regulations of the students' rewards and punishments.

Article 10 Students on behalf of other taking the exam or doing in the opposite way will give a score of zero in the course and shall be handled in accordance with the regulations of the students' rewards and punishments.

Article 11 Students with other misconducts which are not mentioned by the school exam regulations shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of the students' rewards and punishments.

Is there any way to take students off parole with merits or excellent performances? Can the penalty records possibly be cleared off?
A student’s conduct mark given will be increased or decreased depending on his or her amount of merits or demerits received, but any demerits can’t be offset by awarded merits. The penalty records are not removable.
How do I apply for a record of rewards and punishments or the conduct mark for all semesters?
Please fill out the application form in the Life Guidance Group to complete and then pay the application fee $20 to the Financial Management Unit to get processed. For your information, when applying in person, your ID card should be shown to the school staff. In addition to your ID, a power of attorney letter is required when the applicant is someone else on behalf you.
What is the appeal procedure that I can follow when I have objections to the penalty decision?
When you disagree with final decision on your penalty, you should file a complaint with the Student Appeal Review Committee in writing within 10 days from the date of the administrative disciplinary action or the expiration of the announcement. For details, please refer to the implementation method of the Student Appeal System of Daye University.
Who decides the student conduct mark?

According to the student's performance evaluation method, students starting point is 82, and it is added and subtracted according to the regular assessment and reward and punishment records received.

The calculation formula is:

basic score (starting score) + teacher score (according to assessment score with five points more or less within teachers’ discretion) + reward points = actual scores.

Breakdown of stipulated points of awards and penalties:

1. categories of awards: one point added when receiving a honorary Mention; two point five added when receiving a minor merit; seven point five added when receiving a major merit

2. categories of penalties: one point subtracted when issued a warning; two point five subtracted when issued a minor demerit; seven point five subtracted when issued a major demerit

Student dormitory application

How do students apply for dorms?
Where for the school students, can apply, the steps are as follows
  1. In accordance with the provisions of the time to their own website to download the student accommodation application form, fill out after the payment to this group.
  2. Living and Accommodation Guidance Group Application Number Assignment.
  3. Qualification is not approved (details see the notice) to withdraw the application form, not to draw lots
  4. After the application deadline,
  5. The signer receives the confirmation of the accommodation and signs the consent and complies with all the contents.
  6. Hold the checklist to find the dormitory counselor.
  7. The candidate receives the confirmation of the accommodation and signs the consent and complies with all the contents.
  8. Candidates hold the confirmation form to find the dormitory counselor to choose the bed.
The date, time and details of the application will be posted on the dormitory area and posted on this group.
When can students know that there is no dormitory in the end?
Every year about the end of May will be completed after the operation will know, not to fill the bed to the living and accommodation counseling group website for off-campus rental information.
Freshman has no forced accommodation? Are there any beds guaranteed?
Freshman is not required to stay in the new students, want to apply for accommodation. Freshmen if the application period within the application period, in addition to living in the school adjacent to the township (such as members of the town, big village, flower beds Township, Yongjing Township), the rest of the principle can apply to the bed!

Student dormitory cadre management

What are the qualifications, methods, time and preferential conditions for the selection of hostel cadres?
  • Eligibility:
    • President: You need to have the experience of long or general affairs.
    • She long: need to serve as chief, manager, general affairs, such as one of the experience.
    • Landlord and network management: to be the year of residential students.
  • Selection method:
    • She long: by the life and accommodation counseling group leader and dormitory counselor jointly selected to produce, and reported to the academic staff approved.
    • Floor and network management: by the dormitory counselor and the old and new co-long co-selection, and reported life and accommodation counseling group leader approved
    • President: by the new homes long common election, the life and accommodation counseling group leader agreed to produce and report to the academician approved.
  • Selection time:
    • Sign up in April each year and announce the list by the end of May.
  • Preferential conditions:
    • Each cadre is the nuclear development fee (according to the school approved the budget), the number of hours by the meeting will be approved by the meeting.
    • Bedroom configuration:
      1. She long the bedroom: to retain the bed of two beds; general affairs, building and network management room to retain a bed.
      2. The above dormitory, depending on the amount of bed supply. If the supply is insufficient, the bedroom should make up the accommodation; life and accommodation counseling group has the right to configure.
      3. Service will be cadres and dormitory preferential air-conditioning electricity, each month to preferential treatment of NT $ 300 for the ceiling.
    • Cadres and roommates do not need to draw lots can have beds but need to assist and agent cadres to perform official duties, cadres and roommates need to return to the dormitory service room before 8 pm, if the persuasion is still not appropriate, will move out of the dormitory.
What are the dormitory service cadres at all levels?
  • President: president of the hostel for the accommodation of all the students on behalf of the school, the burden of the students to respond to the views of accommodation students; for the service will be the total responsible person, responsible for urging cadres to perform dormitory duties and powers, its duties are as follows:
    1. Responsible for the service will be all matters.
    2. By the life and accommodation counseling group supervision and instructions matters.
    3. Host or service will meet all kinds of meetings and study.
    4. Supervise the implementation of the work of cadres at all levels of service.
    5. Services will be the resources management.
    6. Assessment and acceptance services will be the implementation of the routine practice of cadres, and at the end of the establishment of the Academic Office of the award.
    7. Each semester should be asked for long-term spontaneous hosting of men and women planning dormitory association.
    8. Obligations to attend the activities organized by the Life and Accommodation Counseling Group are subject to prior consent by the Living and Accommodation Counseling Group if they are not valid.
  • She long:
    1. Compliance with the President and the Living and Accommodation Counseling Group to implement the dormitory policy.
    2. Management of the dormitory of the general matters.
    3. Area dormitory cadres of the selection.
    4. BBS issues are aggregated and answered.
    5. To be supervised by the jurisdiction of the district really do night name, and to the dormitory counselor to report the number.
    6. Area of ​​accommodation students to deal with the views and response, as the role of communication and coordination. And can be issued for illegal accommodation students issued a single.
    7. The management of the arrangement and order of the scheduling of the management room.
    8. Responsible for the decision of the length of time, if necessary, should arrange security patrol.
    9. At the beginning of the period, the holidays shall be arranged at the end of the year, and the relevant quarters shall be arranged for the stay of the dormitory.
    10. Responsible for the requirements of the district dormitory cadres in the new students and the new students to return to school service.
    11. Treatment and notification of entry into the dormitory.
    12. Accommodation and emergency treatment, night treatment of the initial treatment and notice.
    13. Five long homes or the cadres should be responsible for the winter and summer dormitory management cadres.
    14. In each school year freshmen before entering the bedroom key.
    15. Obligations to attend the activities organized by the Life and Accommodation Counseling Group are subject to prior consent by the Living and Accommodation Counseling Group if they are not valid.
    16. Completion of life and accommodation counseling group.
  • General Affairs:
    1. Responsible for monitoring the long, network management and administrators usually work on the implementation of the situation.
    2. Control of dormitory funds.
    3. Service will be property, equipment management.
    4. Assist and cooperate with the residence of the building to deal with the dormitory related business.
    5. The minutes of the meeting.
    6. Responsible for the coin-operated machine to deal with bite money, and the need to recover the first-aid kit at the end of each semester to close the shortage of goods and pay back to the health insurance group to facilitate the supplement.
    7. Obligations to attend the activities organized by the Life and Accommodation Counseling Group are subject to prior consent by the Living and Accommodation Counseling Group if they are not valid.
  • Floor length
    1. Accept the long command, to assist in the implementation of the dormitory of the relevant business.
    2. The management of cleanliness and order in the district.
    3. Management of the building area peace, security and cleanliness, maintenance of dormitory discipline, prevent the opposite sex into.
    4. Shall be responsible for the implementation of the jurisdiction of the night.
    5. There is an impostor to return to the living and accommodation counseling group.
    6. According to the long row of the plan as the usual value of the stars, holiday stars, the end of the value of Star Long, responsible for patrol dormitory environment and the use of the studio.
    7. With the help of the implementation of the long period of stay in the hostel and the end of the dormitory closed.
    8. On the violation by the persuasion did not listen to the accommodation students to open the dormitory notice, and the illegal parking to be a vehicle violation notice!
    9. The return of students in the district or the return of an emergency.
    10. Listen to accommodation and return accommodation.
    11. Water dispenser, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants and other escape equipment inventory and inspection.
    12. Suspicion of the origin of unknown elements of the investigation and report.
    13. Completion of the repair of public facilities in the building area and confirmation of whether the damage to the repair order is true and the cleaning of the public areas.
    14. Responsible for advising the school and the management of the bulletin board.
    15. Participate in dormitory cadre training or study activities, and reflect the views of accommodation students.
    16. Accommodation disputes between the students to help mediate or return to the dormitory counselor to deal with.
    17. Responsible for checking whether the floor of the bed at 23:30 on time to go to sleep bedroom headlamps.
    18. It is obliged to return to school service for large-scale dormitory activities such as new students' briefing sessions and new students.
    19. Always pay attention to the area bulletin board bulletin, outside the live single (at least one posted, posted up to seven) whether the posted neat and expired and will be expired notice removed.
    20. Obligations to attend the activities organized by the Life and Accommodation Counseling Group are subject to prior consent by the Living and Accommodation Counseling Group if they are not valid.
    21. Completion of life and accommodation counseling group.
  • network management:
    1. Responsible for the area within the network management issues.
    2. Coordination and assistance services will be activities and plans.
    3. Responsible for handling dormitory administrative work delivered by dormitory counselor.
    4. Obligations to attend the activities organized by the Life and Accommodation Counseling Group are subject to prior consent by the Living and Accommodation Counseling Group if they are not valid.
  • Student Administrator:
    1. Key management, to provide backup key to the accommodation students need to first confirm whether the identity of the students.
    2. Monitor and access the monitor.
    3. To confirm the accommodation students fill in the contents of the repair of the contents of the damage is true.
    4. Accompanied by repair group staff repair.
    5. The maintenance manager room is clean and tidy.
    6. Emergency notification.
    7. Accept the studio to apply for a job.
    8. Accept and control consumable equipment and materials.
    9. To the public places to collect the outbound and check the blank outbound only whether there is a free (at least one up to seven) and whether the expired announcement, will not be made according to the provisions of the length of the registration to the long holiday holiday stars.

Student dormitory life management

What is the accommodation to observe, pay attention to it?
  1. Dormitory life convention: Please look at living and accommodation counseling group website regulations regulations of dormitory living convention.
  2. Dormitory Management Rules: Please see the Dormitory Management Rules of the Living and Accommodation Guidance Group website.
  3. 11 o'clock night name: Please look at living and accommodation counseling group website regulations regulations dormitory name regulations. After the school year, the boys' dormitories should also be night. If you are not more than 5 times (inclusive) or older,
  4. Dormitory Violation Order: Please see the contents of the dormitory declaration of the living and accommodation counseling group website. Received three bills of lading for one year, cancel the next year's stay!
  5. 97 school year five dormitory full implementation of the night 11:30 out of sleep bedroom headlamps, off the host dormitory violation order!
Can you change your bed
Can not. According to the fourth part of the dormitory management rules ... After the bedroom is set, it is forbidden to change the bedroom privately. (If the replacement of the bedroom, subject to the announcement) in addition to major reasons, with the consent of life and accommodation counseling group, depending on the situation to help replace. Bedroom air-conditioning electricity calculation will be calculated by the living and accommodation counseling group list, not through the living and accommodation counseling group for those who sleep, if the original bedroom roommate excessive consumption, still need to pay!
Can you keep pets in the dormitory, smoke, drink, play mahjong, cook food?
According to the rules of the dormitory rules Article 14: Do not drink in the dormitory area, playing mahjong, burning paper, cooking food or keeping pets; smoking should be designated smoking area. Off the host dormitory violation order!
Why at night 12:00 traffic service team after work, still can not ride to the dormitory area? Can the holiday ride to the dormitory area?
At any time, with or without a traffic control, unless there is a disabled parking card or dormitory service will be a cadre parking card to ride to the dormitory area, night riding will affect the dormitory peace! The locomotive should be parked in the Health and auxiliary group of the provisions of the parking lot, do not comply with the provisions of the provisions of the vehicle will be a violation of the rules of the small one According to the contents of the dormitory notice of the contents of the provisions of the night by the locomotive back to the accommodation students, will open the dormitory notice of the statement!
What time is the quiet time of the hostel?
11 o'clock in the evening to seven o'clock the next day! This time in the sleep, public areas, dormitories outside the fence near the basketball court noisy (see the dormitory violation of the second details), will open the book on the Department!

Student dormitory

Live for a semester to move out to live outside, you can refund it?
According to the provisions of the dormitory management rules Article 22: apply for accommodation for a school year (ie, the next two semesters, but not including the cold, summer vacation), halfway without permission to stay; if for any reason,
  1. Voluntarily leave school, drop out of school.
  2. Infectious disease, psychosis (with certificate of diagnosis).
Article 23 of the Dormitory Management Rules: When the residents live in the middle of the way, they must make a proper reason and have to go to the accommodation with the consent of the living and accommodation counseling group. Article 24 of the Dormitory Management Rules: Students who apply for automatic escort at the latest in the first semester of the school year shall apply for a refund of two-thirds of the accommodation fee (the air-conditioning electricity shall be closed at the end of the school year, Unified settlement to be returned); not within the deadline for retreat, shall not request a refund of accommodation.

Student rent problem

Student rent problem
Student B & B issues can be found in the Student B & B Questions and Answers (Source: Cui Mother Foundation )
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